If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Fanatical

Last day folks!

The end of the month, the end of the alphabet and the end of any spare time!

The new job officially starts Monday even though I have spent half of this week, it seems, in meetings about our kick-off.

So let's sum up this month while I still have time the baby is due to awaken.

  • Last minute sign-up for A to Z.  (seriously signed up on day 1)
  • Baby is born  (a few weeks early)
  • I apply for a new job  (add in a few weeks of fretting)
  • Work picks up in schedule  (overtime kicks in)
  • Offered the new position at work  (add in even more fretting)
  • Begin trying to balance both jobs  (finishing off the one while kicking off the other)
  • New baby takes up a lot of free time (in a good way)  (not that I had much anyway)
  • Parents arrive from Florida for a visit  (first time seeing baby)
  • Brother and family arrive for a visit from Northern Michigan (first time seeing baby)
  • Spring chores begin in earnest  (one week the lawn is covered in snow and the next..mowing!)
  • Try like hell to get daily posts written  (never had much time for reading and visiting)
  • Today is lawn mowing (again) and installing the two remaining windows  (UGH!)
  • Tomorrow is May

So in a nutshell, you could say I'm


[zel-uh s] 

full of, characterized by, or due to zealardently active, devoted, ordiligent.
Antonyms: apatheticlackadaisical.

Some would say I'm overzealous but life's too short to not try everything.

Am I right?

(baby woke up.  Fed her, changed her and gave her medicine.  Now I'm back to the computer with coffee and a video baby monitor)

OK, she wanted no part of that.  Now I have a companion in my study!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for too damn far away!

Y am I late posting?

Too damn busy, that's why.

I've barely squeaked out this challenge and we are down to the last two days/letters.

If you had to ask for one reason why I would do this challenge I think my response would be...
For my family.

I love the fact that my Dad and Mom wake up every day and are eager to see what I've posted.  I hope that my brothers and sister read this and can stay updated.  It keeps me close to them in a way, I suppose.

My Dad and Mom were here just last week to see the new baby.  It was so nice to see them and even better to see them hold their granddaughter.

My brother Jason and his wife Lindsey were here to visit along with their son Zachary.

Family is ever so important.  I can hardly wait until my brothers Bill and Brian and my sister Kiley meet her.

Nothing is more important than family.  Nothing!
Unfortunately, mine live too damn far away!

So if you're asking what this has to do with the letter Y then I guess you can keep guessing because I don't think it has a damn thing to do with anything other than I wish....

You were all here!

Squeaks wishes you were closer!