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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cider Mill and Pumpkin Day

Today we went to the cider mill.  Our main objective was to select a pumpkin from the patch.
I love looking for Christmas trees on the farm so we thought we would try and duplicate that with pumpkins.
Maybe sneak in a few fresh donuts as well. 
The Country Mill has something for everyone.  From a petting zoo, fresh apples and donuts to a goat walk designed to look like the mackinaw bridge.  We went inside when we first got there.  The place is loaded with neat stuff.  The smells are wonderful and the cider is fresh.  You can fill your own cider jugs right from a barrel on the wall.  Pre bagged apples of every sort at your fingertips.

Outside we went.  The pumpkin patch; our destination.   Kaitlin grabbed a wagon and we began the walk.

We reached the patch about a half mile into our journey only to find that it was just about picked clean.  What was left was starting to rot, broken or the bugs had gotten to them.  We looked anyways.  I did find this neat one that was all green except for where you would carve the face.  I almost got it.

There was a hill situated in the middle of the farm and we climbed up to the top of it and
were afforded a panoramic view of the whole place.  We could see all of the new orchards fenced in and the pumpkin patch.  A great place for pictures.

There was a nice pond that was full of fish you could feed.  It even had a windmill next to it.

On the way to and from the patch we sampled a few apples.  The crop was a little small this year.  I wonder if it had to do with our unusually cold summer.  They were still tasty though.

Then we had Donuts!!!!!

We ended up picking out a pumpkin from the bin but oh well it was still fun.  It's good to be a kid again.
Here are some more pictures of our cider mill trip.  I hope you enjoy.  Tonight we carve!
Spook ya later!

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