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Sunday, December 27, 2009


7:36 AM Sunday morning.  Got up at 5:30 with the dogs.  Breakfast served potty breaks complete.  Driveway and porches cleared of snow.  Potty path shoveled through the grass for wife to walk on during her turn.  Chapter finished on new story.  8 cups of coffe down the hatch.  Remi down for a nap, Gunner lounging on couch.  Momma still sleeping.  Now What?
I cold have went hunting.  It is late doe season.  Not really into it today.  Would have been a nice morning.  We had a couple inches of fresh snow last night and the wind is slight.  Oh well.  Remi is whining so I guess I'll put the potty path to use again.  The dogs never get tried of going outside.

Here is a clip out of a newspaper.  Not sure where but they need to have their water tested.  Dumbass!!!!!!!!

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