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Monday, July 26, 2010

Aliens in the Garden

We found aliens in the garden on Sunday!
Well they should be anyways.  You can't look that gross and still be of this planet.
Tomato Horn Worms.
Larvae of the Hawk Moth who can reach 5 inches wing tip to wing tip.
The Hawk Moth can hover over flowers and sip nectar like a Hummingbird.
(Which I have mistaken for one in the past)
They lay their eggs on the bottom side of the tomato leaves and when they hatch this is what you get.
After eating all your tomatos and tomato plants they burrow into the soil and pupate to emerge as a new moth next year.
I noticed the plants were being eaten so Momma and I did a search and destroy mission.
We found about 13-15 total.
We pruned up the plants and spruced up the garden for a couple hours.

These are the tomatos we had to prune off to tidy up the garden and make finding the worms easier.

The corn is a couple days away and we have been eating lots of fresh green beans.
I like to saute' some bacon in a pot with some chopped onions and a little garlic.
Add some chicken stock salt and pepper and bring to a boil then simmer until beans are tender.  Yum!
Of course the squash and zucchinni is ready and we have a nice watermelon and some pumpkins growing.

All pruned up.  You couldn't walk down the rows before!



bell peppers

Swiss Chard

The "Men in Black" took care of my alien invaders.  Let's just say they got what they had coming Soprano's style.

Remmi on an adventure behind the garden.

Gunner has had enough gardening and wants a big brown dog nap!!

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