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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Simple Is It?

Good Morning to all of you out there in Simple Life reading land.
I suppose if you all had to live in one house we might just need a 3 bedroom maybe 4 to fit you all in.
I have been following some pretty neat blogs that I have picked off of blog of note.  Reading comments that other people post and visiting their blogs. 
When I started blogging in 2009 the only blog I had ever read was Cowgirls Country Life.  I had inadvertently ran over her site in a desperate attempt to control the search engine on my PC to research building meat smokers out of wood.  I know it sounds silly but wood was free at the time so I wanted to take advantage of the materials I was fortunate enough to be given, or had, depending on if you were watching or not!!
So anyways I was so intrigued by her site (mind you I had never heard the word blog before) that I spent a few hours reading it and thought that would be fun to write about what happens in my life.  At the time I was calling it an on line journal.  I had no idea what to name it and out of desperation (impatience) came up with the name A Simple Life.  The point of the story being now that I am two years into it I have seen a couple other blogs with similar sounding titles.  One being Simple Dude in a Simple World and another titled An Average Life.  So I guess I wasn't being too creative when I named my blog.  So now I'm thinking of changing it.  I know it doesn't really matter but.....
Then I started wondering how my title really fit into my daily life.  Is it really simple?  Perhaps I'm just simple minded is why I like the title.  I am truly a complex person so how can anything be simple with me.  At first glance I appear to be a shy, modest person.  I don't have many friends and don't get out much.
I prefer my kitchen, my garden, a true man cave (should I ever get one), a good book and a comfortable chair.  I fantasize about sitting on the deck or patio of my own home on a mild summer day coaxing the bubbles out of a cold red beer and smoking a nice big cigar while listening to birds chirp.  My two dogs next to me, whimpering in their sleep, dreaming of chasing rabbits.  Perhaps just looking at my beautiful garden and watching the wind whirlies spin on their sticks.  That is my simple life.  I suppose it's only simple at the end when all of the work is done but simple doesn't come easy now does it?
I wonder how some people have so many followers and so many comments and they all say you need to have a theme to your blog.  Visit and comment on other blogs.  Eventually if your good at it your followers will find you.  Hmmmmm.  First I have no theme.  I write about anything and everything.  You never know what your going to get from me.  Second I follow a few blogs and they are funny and I enjoy reading them but they have so many followers and commenters that you just get lost in the mix.  Thirdly the part where you need to be good.  Of course I think I'm good.  Duh!  Then I think about the lady that had 234 cats in her house and she thought that was good too!  Good is a very misleading word wouldn't you say?
So here is what I think.  (get ready here it comes)  I happen to like my "Simple Life" whether it be simple or not is only up to me.  I think I am OK as a writer (I'll tone it down just to appear to have some modesty)
And lastly there is no way in hell I will theme my blog.  So thanks to those of you that have stayed with me and continue to read my craziness.  I'm glad to have you with you.  Someday when I publish my first book you might be at the forefront.  It will say something like," Thanks to the few who followed my blog 20 yrs ago.  They kept me going!"  Yeah 20 seemed like a safe number.  Thanks again and now for the picture of the post.  (I always have a picture)

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