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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prozac For Dogs (maybe a little for me)

Hello and welcome back from the extended commercial break.  What?  There was no commercials?  That's right I don't advertise on my blog.  This is for pure entertainment only.  Of course you wondering about the title.  That's why I put it up there.  It is very intriguing don't ya think?  Fine I'll quit asking you questions like your actually sitting there while I type.  Unnerving isn't it?  I'll get to the dog in a minute.  First things first I have to give a shout out to a recent blog of note.  One who shares some of my title.  Simple Dude
I have been following his blog since his debut on Blog of Note and I have to say honestly that I am intrigued.
It really is a fun read.  How he gets his ideas is beyond me but they are unique.  If you haven't had a chance to read then go check it out.  You may not like it but I do.  Perhaps it's just a thirty something relateable karma or some shit like that but just go read it I'm sure you can spare a few precious moments of your TV time.
OK now for the dog.  If your new to this blog then you know how much I love my dogs.  (guy in my head is laughing his ass off about the 'new' comment)  I came home from work on Tuesday to find my beloved Gunner aka Big Brown dog had eaten a few sundries from the bathroom/laundry stock.  The list is as follows:
1 pair of teenage panties (color unknown, only waistband recovered)
1 sheet style sticky lint roller ( removable sheets work inside the stomach as well)
1 stick of Shout Stain Remover (the only thing I can think of is the panties were stained and hairy)

How do I know what he ate?  There I go with the questions again.  Because when I arrived home it was displayed on the kitchen floor encased in vomit and showcased like some sick, twisted Price is Right gift.
(Guy in head is telling me it a new style of creativity they call Vomart! ) Sorry.  Well needless to say Gunner was not feeling well and proceeded to retch the entire night away.  Go ahead and sing that I dare you.
"retching....retching......retching the night away."  Sorry again.  We took him to the vet the next morning ( yes I called into work, something I never do... well since I quit drinking real heavy anyways)  Doc says Gunner will be fine and he thinks it's mostly chemical irritation causing him to retch.  I've tried that line before.  Cops really don't care.  So Big Brown Dog stayed the night at the vet and he had a few shots (not that kind!)  and a few pills (not that kind either) and was sent home today with 2 bottles to take along with a prescription for..................
PROZAC!!!  Doc says he has bad anxiety issues.  This should calm him down for a bit until he gets used to whatever is causing him anxiety.  (me leaving the house)  So...perhaps if I take the Prozac maybe I just won't care that he is having issues and we will all be fine.  Sort of like a redundant oxymoron!  I know that makes no sense but it is Thursday and I am on my 3rd beer.  So to me it kinda rings a bell!
But really Gunner is home and he is kinda tired and not really hungry so he is taking a big brown dog nap on the couch with Remmi and tomorrow we may start the Prozac.  For him ..not me.  I think I will try lithium.  I hear that's what they use on the crazy folk so it might just put a dent in me.  (guy in my head is screaming noooooo so I think I'm on the right track)  to 9 mile and back.  (for you Detroiters out there)
Gotta go.  Overtime tomorrow.  You people need to start setting more shit on fire.  Firetruck business is getting slow!!!!
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  1. Hey - Thanks for the blog pimping! I've read a few of your posts and always dig what you have to say. Keep it up!


  2. I am new to this blog and since you are as crazy...about your dogs as I am about mine, I believe I will pull up a chair and stay a while.

    I have two dogs on Prozac and it works well. Be sure to go to Wal-Mart because it's on their $4 drug list. Gloria is a little pit bull who did something that displeased a NYC dogfighter and he beat her nearly to death. The left side of her head was crushed and her jaw ruined. She is long healed and happy, but it left her with a severe brain injury. She's very intelligent, but has flashes of aggression that the Prozac controls very well.

    My other Prozac puppy is half pit and half Plott hound. She has PTSD from seeing her mother seriously abused. She was only about 12 weeks old when she and her mom came here, but she's never gotten over the trauma. Aside from the occasional flashback that the Prozac helps control, she's a happy girl. I have to tell you though that the Prozac has not stopped her from destroying the big recliner in the living room. I think she gets excited by something she sees outside and claws at it. I've never seen her in action, so that's just a guess.

    Anyway, it's a good medication but might need some tinkering. Gloria is on 20mg twice a day and weights 35 pounds. Hannah at 65 pounds is only on 10mg twice a day. You want to shoot for calmer but not lethargic. I give mine buried in cream cheese and all 5 of my dogs show up eagerly for medication time. :)

  3. Hello JaneGael and thanks for visiting.
    I can not understand why someone would do that to an animal. It breaks my heart. My dogs are my best friends and they have never failed to bring a smile to my face. If you browse through my posts you will see plenty of dog pics and posts about them. One of my favorites is Damn dogs anyways and a dog's life bith in the column above titled favorite posts. Keep coming back. I love the comments.


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