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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner Anyone?

It's been a busy day so far!  Momma is at the soccer field running concessions for the soccer skills thingamajig for the little ones.  Also giving the building a good clean because they left it a wreck after last falls Boy's season.  That woman does more than 10 when it comes to those kids and their extra curricular activities.  Props for her. (just don't ask me to get all sporty)  The only thing I sport....never mind!
So while she was away from home I started cleaning.  Having friends over for dinner tonight so I need to clean up the place.  The house is kinda bare and cold with most everything packed up in boxes now.  I took the two pictures we bought last week for the new kitchen and hung them on the wall where the old pics used to be.  It helps!  Then I cleaned the couches and the hardwood floors, dusted and mopped.  You would think that damned yellow dog would be bald by now.  He is a shedding machine.  Brown dog?  you have to yank hair out of him.  He doesn't shed at all.  Then I went to the market for some fresh ingredients for supper.
 I have a reputation to uphold when it comes to having guests for dinner.  So between last night and this morning I planned my menu.  I want it to be fresh but have some intensity.  When most people think fresh they turn to salads.  Salads are kinda boring.  Traditional salads that is.  So I went with some fresh citrus and herb flavors to compliment the springness in the air.  By the way the weather finally found us.  Sunny and around 55.  Windy but I'll take it.  I even fired up the mower and cut the grass in the back yard.
(deep inhale....ahhhh fresh cut grass)
So for my menu I did a little take on Italian surf and Turf.
I am starting with a cheese, tomato and bread course.  Some fresh mozzarella and deep flavored apple smoked gruyere laid delicately next to sliced heirloom tomatoes and ready to burst Cherub tomatoes that are drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with some classic Italian herbs such as basil and oregano.  The bread is a Pan Bigio which is crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.  The bread is escorted to the palate with some herb infused olive oil. ( I could eat that and call it quits)
Next on the appetizer are some shrimp that have been quick sauteed in a garlic oil and pepper served hot and surrounding a couple of seared scallops that have a bright green avocado, cilantro, green onion puree delicately drizzled over top.  A nice warmth from the pepper contrast nicely with the coolness of the avocado puree.  Plus it's shrimp and scallops.. hello!
The proteins will be the main surf and turf theme consisting of a grilled sirloin and a pan seared Rainbow Trout fillet.  The beef will be nestled atop some fresh mushrooms and asparagus that have been sauteed and tossed in a shallot and Chianti reduction with fresh basil leaves as a garnish.  The trout will be surrounded by a fluffy bed of chicken stock infused cous cous with fresh cilantro leaves as a garnish.  The trout will also be served with a few drops of the avocado puree for that bright fresh injection of flavor that just shouts spring is here!    To keep the two from fighting I have a grilled corn, bell pepper and onion medley.  Of course I have two selections of wine to pair with the meal.  the first for the appetizer will be a Pinot Grigio from meridian vineyards and for the main course an Italian Chianti from Ecco Domani vineyards.
Last but not least I will have a strawberry and marscarpone filled crepe drizzled in chocolate sauce alongside a bright, cheery scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.  A rich and sweet glass of Port from Taylor vineyards is in line to finish the meal. 
Bon' Apetit'


  1. Damn I am hungry now. Really hungry.

  2. You had me at Surf and Turf.

    I could LIVE off of seafood.

    Also, I've never heard of an avocado puree, but I want to make one now...


  4. Sorry pops! Too hard to take pictures and cook all that food and still serve it hot!

    Oil-That means it must at least sound goo eh?

    Beer- I have posted and avocado puree on Sundays post just for your.


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