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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump Day and Lousy Banks!

Yay It's hump day!!!  What do you mean that's not what it stands for?  Damn that would have gone real good with 4/20 day.  Nah not really.  Every time I smoke that stuff I get high!  Nah not really every time I smoke that stuff I get sick.  I tried several times and several times I got sick and so ends my adventures in the world of Cannabis Sativa. 
The closest I came to that was I dated a girl in High School who had the name of Sativa.  No joke!

Not sure if it's my hump day or not because I only work 4 days a week so I celebrate my hump day on Tuesdays after work.  That would be the 20 hour mark.  I have ten hours left of this week and then it's Thirsty Thursday and my top ten of the week. 
Guys are still walking around work asking how the calf is doing?  Funny story that will live a long time.

Not much going on here.  Closing is going to be delayed again more than likely.  I guess the bank just now got the permit and the engineer has to draw up the plans and they have to get bids.  I was told once the bid is approved it will probably take a week.  Bank will not escrow the money for the repairs so we can close.  It has to be done first.  We have this law in our county and the one next to it.  (Eaton and Barry counties)
The well and septic have to pass in order to transfer the title of the house.  TOST is what it's called you can look it up if you are really bored.  We are all set on our end just waiting on those bastiches!
Enough on septic systems.  I'm just as sick of talking about them as you are listening to them.

Our choice of wood was the handscraped hickory but after hearing Bruce's take on big dogs and handscraped floors I think we will reconsider.  New options await.  I'll look for the same floor but in a flat texture.
Until tomorrow!

PS.  The horse border (my tribute to our new bonus program at work) will find itself removed from this page soon!!


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