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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prayers Needed!!

Not sure what to write today.  I received a phone call from my Father last night and he informed me my brother Bill is in the hospital.  He had a severe migraine for a couple days and went to the hospital where they did a CAT scan and found a "something" between his brain and skull.  They didn't know if it was a tumour or just a growth.  Seems the same to me but they sent him home and a few hours later they called him and told him to get back to the hospital asap.  I spoke with my father last night around 8ish and he was on his way there and would call me if they knew anything different last night.  He did not call so I assume nothing has changed or no surgeries were performed.  He also told me that there were signs of possibly a mini stroke.  I guess they were reading brain waves or something I don't know the details just yet.  My brother is only 39 years old.  He has two girls, Hannah and Miranda.  If I could ask you to send your prayers and wishes his way I believe he would appreciate that. 
I struggle with this because he is in Florida along with my Dad and there is no way for me to be there for him.
I can only hope and pray that they can fix him and send him on his merry way.  At least it's on the outside of the brain and not the inside.  I don't know what else to say.

In the meantime life here rolls on.  I worked a little overtime on Friday so there was no Thirsty Thursday.
I purchased gutters for the back of the garage yesterday and installed them after I got home from work. 
I have built a new fire box and a wood chip box for my smoker.  It is a steel box about 1 foot square with air holes drilled in the sides.  Or as peter would say, "I punched holes in his back so he could breathe".(Family Guy)  The wood chip box is a small box about 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and three inches deep.  It has a hinged lid with small holes drilled in it.  First I fill the fire box about half full of charcoal and once it is burning readily I put it in the smoker and then I fill the wood chip box with chips, close the lid and place it on top of the charcoal inside the fire box.  The idea is that the closed off chip box will not let enough air get to the wood chips.  They won't burn but they will smolder and create the nice smoke I am looking for.  The charcoal, when managed correctly will give me steady temps from 175 all the way to 300 degrees.  I like to keep it around 175--200 degrees for jerky. 
I have 12 goose breasts thawed out in the sink and soaking in salt water right now.  I will cut them into strips and season and cure them today.  They will remain in the fridge for 24 hours to let the cure penetrate the meat and tomorrow they will go in the smoker for a few hours.  Long enough for me to watch the Detroit Lions kick some more butt!
Now that the gutters are up I can finalize my grading and seed and straw the new lawn areas.  If I can get the seed to germinate before all the heavy frosts hit then in the spring it should grow pretty good.  I would wait till spring but I don't like to seed and straw with all the rain and wind we get in the spring.  It's better to do it in the fall.
I also have my garden laid out and will spray that today with herbicide and in a couple weeks a co worker will bring his tractor and tiller over and till it for me.  This way it too will be ready for spring planting.
I have it laid out to be 25 ft wide and 65 ft long.  1625 sq. ft should be enough to get me started.  The garden, as it sits now, slopes east and west and also south.  The back yard all goes downhill (south) but where the garden sits it also has a crown in the yard hence the east and west slope.  So there will be three different levels to start with.
Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers!

Here is a picture of the last time all the Bushman boys got together for a hunt.

Left to right
Bill Jr, Bill Sr(dad), Me and Brian


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Not being able to be there is the hardest part. Waiting to hear something, worrying. It sucks. I am sending every ounce of positive healing vibes I can muster to your brother. And lots of support to the rest of your family. Please keep us posted! Sending you hugs!

  2. Positive thoughts to your brother! On a side note, you look much thinner in that photo!


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