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Saturday, August 18, 2012

coming to you live from Up North

well hello there!  I amm 150 miles from home nestled in a cozy cottage on the shores of Houghton Lake.  One of Michigan's largest inland lakes.  I have taken a long weekend away from work and home to spend some time with my other family members.
Dad and Chris are up from Florida and Dad needed help remodeling my step brothers back porch.  So here I am.
Jason ( stepbrother) had an old aluminum enclosed porch off the back off his house and it was in a state of disrepair.  So far we have tore out the old porch, replaced and leveled all of the floor joists and now have the new flooring screwed down.  Today we build the walls and roof and hopefully have it all sheeted.
Harvest season at home in the garden is all but finished.  The corn is all picked and I ended up with about 4 bushel of that.  Tomatoes are winding down as well.  I have about 32 quarts of tomatoes canned so far and have made about 10 qts of fresh salsa.  Momma is looking for a new dehydrator for me so I can dry some peppers and make some more chipoltes.  I am hoping for another 20 qts of tomatoes but we'll see.
Other than that everything g is going fine.  Landscaping at home has been put on hold until later on this fall.
Well I'm off and running.  Check back later for some pics.


  1. Have fun with your family. Sounds like you are in your element with another porch project - good luck with it. I'm looking forward to photos.

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Ate the cat litter?
    Yep, yet another reason why I won't let my dog lick my face.
    Well, that and the butt-sniffing thing, too.

  3. Enjoy your time with the Fam. Don't overwork yourself. Damn that's a lot of veggies. My garden didn't servive the heat. I really do not have a green thumb.


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