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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Illegal Protector chapter 5

The Illegal Protector

Chapter 5

Blue lights twirled in every direction as the cruisers bubbles flashed round and round.  Streaks of blue and white chased each other in circles, crossing the face of the white two story with the attached garage and then on to the giant oak tree in the front yard, across the cruiser opposite and back to the house again  They lit up the scene and accented the yellow and black DO NOT CROSS line set up by the sheriff's department. 

Two officers stood by the front door sipping hot coffee from Styrofoam cups.  The steam was also caught in the chase of the blue and white bubbles and strobed as it twirled upward.  The officers chatted while occasionally shooing a camera toting reporter away from the crime scene boundary tape.

The front door opened and two men in white jump suits began to emerge from the threshold rolling a gurney.  Somewhere deep in the darkness a man smiled as he watched at first the feet and then the chest roll through the door.  He knew what was next.  A puffy bruised face covered in an oxygen mask.  He could envision it perfectly.  This was not his first. 

The last part of the gurney rolled through the door and it was all covered by a sheet.  No oxygen mask, no bruised face or chipped teeth.  The man's smile dropped from his face as his brow furrowed.
This couldn't be happening.  She couldn't be dead.  His heart raced.
The two men, now more visible in the strobing of the blue lights in their light yellow suits marked "Coroner's Office" loaded the gurney into an ambulance, motioned to the officers at the front door and hopped inside the ambulance slamming the door.
The ambulance pulled slowly from the drive.  No lights flashing.  No sign of urgency.

Rain began to patter from the sky as the remaining officers finished their official police business and one by one they departed the scene.   The rain became a steady downpour and before long even the mighty oaks were unable to protect the hidden one in their dark embrace and soon he was soaked through.  Water pooled around his boots in muddy rivulets.  It coursed down his face pausing momentarily on his lips before falling to the soaked muddy earth.  He sat there long into the night.  Shortly before dawn the rain began to let up.  He left then and by the time he reached the end of the street the rain had quit all together.

While the man huddled in the darkness the ambulance reached the end of Oak street,travelled down Maple street three blocks and after the stop sign at Maple and Pine the driver punched the accelerator and flipped on his lights.  Reaching speeds of 60 mph through the neighborhood streets to make up for lost time  The sirens he kept quiet.  The two men in the coroners jumpsuits peeled off the nylon suits revealing their EMT badges, pulled back the sheet and looked at the battered woman.  Her eyes were wide and scared.
The detective in the front seat turned around and looked  each of the EMTs.
"Nice job fellas", he said.

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