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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

O is for murder

The tears flowed easily down his face.  It had been a long time since he had shed any tears.  Time and experience had hardened him against this unusual event.

He couldn't understand what had went wrong.  She was there in all her beauty one moment and the next, the knife had pierced her skin.

It was a blur after that.  He didn't remember much.  Flashes of skin falling of the knife, the redness contrasting against the white handled blade.  The tears stood out mostly.  Was he so cold that he only remembered the tears?
What now?  He had chopped her to pieces and now she must go. 
He picked up the flexible cutting board and slid the chopped red onion into the pot.

The beautiful onion.
Whites, reds, yellows, green.  They come in so many flavors and forms.
I grow them in my garden.  Super easy and super cheap.
They last forever too.  Not like that bag you keep in your pantry that starts growing sprouts in a week or worse yet had begun to rot and it takes you three days to find where that awful smell is coming from.

My favorites are the sweet, my daily chopping onion for everything from stews and roasts to Italian dishes.  The red is also my favorite.  My favorite red onion dish is my take on cucumber salad.  Sliced De-seeded cukes, super thin sliced red onion, Cherub tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, coarse kosher salt and basil and garlic seasoning.  Toss it all together and enjoy.  De-seeding cucumbers is easy.  Just slice them length ways and hollow out the seeds with a spoon like your making a little cuke canoe.  Then slice them up normally.  It does two things, takes the extra water out of your salad and also keeps you from burping them up afterward.

I also love green onions either fresh or chopped up as scallions in Mexican dishes like guacamole.  However you use them onions are a versatile part of the garden and the culinary experience.

I have been issued contacts by my eye Dr and if I wear those I don't dry when I chop but being a guy it is my duty to ignore all warnings and advice from any medical figure.  I'll cave in eventually!

Cheers and Tears


  1. I love the aroma of sautéing onions, but boo hoo they don't agree with me.
    It is so difficult to find recipes that do not call for onions or garlic.
    I love the beginning of your post. Very clever.

  2. I used to hate onions growing up but I like them now. I love the green ones snuggled up next to a dollop of cream cheese rolled inside a few slices of Budding ham. Yum!
    I'm gonna have to try the salad!

  3. I'm a fan of the onion family - thanks for that recipe. I just bought some cukes and will give it a try.

    Love the start of this post - you are one clever dude!

    Also, I hope your computer problems have been resolved.



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