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Saturday, May 10, 2014

April Showers bring May Work?????

Here we are again.  The month of May is upon us.  All the work that was supposed to be finished in April is now piled on to the heap that needs to be done in May.  Throw in a weekend away from home and I am down to 3 weekends remaining.
Today the sun will shine and I will work.  I hope to have my corn planted today, all the garden boxes topped off with compost and worked in and I think tomorrow will be the day I plant my tomatoes and peppers.
I know it's a bit early but temperatures appear to be stable for the remainder of the month and my plants are getting too big for their little grow house to hold them anymore.

The bees arrived last weekend and I have a video for you if it ever finishes uploading.  It was very windy that day so the audio is pretty bad.

I have cut down about 6 of the dead trees on the back property line so far.  Still a bunch to go.
The lawn has greened up nicely and I have mowed twice already.
I have some lawn repair to do after the awful winter.  It killed off a big patch of lawn right behind the house.  It is pretty unsightly.  The dogs do not help much.

Here are a few pics of my vegetable plants grown from seed.

6 weeks ago

Last blog April 26th

This morning


Well I better get to it.  The landscape yard opens up in an hour.

Now for the bee video

Each hive currently consists of two levels.  Today a third level will be added.  
I love having honey bees in the yard.  They are going to love my garden and all my flowers.  Not to mention all of the flowers in the alfalfa field behind the house!

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