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Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for the Dreaded Poo Squirt

Well sheesh,

What can I say?

Landed on H while in the hospital.  That doesn't happen too often.

So now were on to I.  I could say I landed in an Igloo.  Pretty damn close.  Last 2 nights I walked my daughter out to her car after visiting with us and Corabella and I was cleaning snow off her car.  The first night was about 4 inches.  Snow, Snow, Snow!  Yuck.

Today the drive home was pretty yucky.  Snow and freezing rain.  Roads were covered in ice.  Talk about nervous driving, especially with a 3-1/2  day old in the back seat.

We made it just fine and after 7654 trips in and out of the house, I had the car emptied.

The neighbors dropped in for a visit and got to hold Corabella.  Of course, she didn't do any of the tricks I taught her in the hospital like, open both eyes or kick your feet out straight or the dreaded poo squirt.  Maybe next time (I kinda got in trouble demonstrating the poo squirt in the hospital hallway).

We are all settled back into our home now.  I washed 2 loads of new clothes and spit up rags and swaddling blankets.  I'm getting to be a real pro at swaddling.  I can get her swaddled up so nice I can carry her around like a briefcase.  No, not really it's more like a melon with a handle.  Wait...melons don't have handles.  (Al, here's your chance for a nipple comment)

Anyways, I sent Momma to bed for a nap, caught up on one of my favorite shows (Deadliest Catch) and I held wee wart for awhile and then she had her bubba and I made dinner and woke up Momma.

She is eating every three hours, about 35-40 ML or just shy of 2 oz.  She pretty much sleeps for 2.5 hours then fusses for about ten minutes, eats, P&P, and then back to sleep.  I'm kinda jealous.

So what does this have to do with the letter I?

Hell if I know!  I just work here.

Really if you must know.  I can't take my eyes off her.  I check on her every 2 minutes.  I sing her songs and call her funny names.  I love staring into her eyes and watching her make little smiling gestures.  I like how when I touch her chin her  mouth opens up like she's about to get a bottle.  I love how she only cries when we change her diapers and the moment we snap the onesie back on she stops.  I love the way she kicks her feet straight out and how she sleeps with her arms straight up like she is a football referee signaling the field goal is good.

I guess you can say I'm just a little bit...



  1. Infatuated is the perfect word. I'm infatuated too… with how amazing you're taking on this incredible journey… fatherhood suits you. Little Corabella is one lucky little princess.

    Enjoy… and keep the pictures coming… she is adorable.

  2. She is so beautiful! Glad you guys are home and settling in. I foresee lots of clothes washing in the days ahead, but I also foresee lots of love and good times together as you, your wife, and Corabella continue to get to know each other :)


  3. Yeah, you're hooked all right! Glad the family is home safe.

  4. Speaking of poo squirt (hey, you brought it up)....
    After removing my son's diaper (many, many, many years ago), and having mastered the "holding of two ankles with one hand while hoisting his butt off the changing table" technique (if you haven't done this, you will), I leaned down to get a fresh diaper. As I was leaning down, I heard a noise and turned my head. As I was "sphincter" level (I know, eww), I saw some "action" starting to happen. As I was opening my mouth in alarm, he let loose with a Fecal Shotgun Blast. Did I mention my mouth was open?
    Yeah, it was like that.

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