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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Where Has Bushman Been?

Well, what can I say?
2016 was quite the year.  It's over and while I can't say it was a bad year it most certainly had its ups and downs.

For starters if you were a follower of mine and actually read this blog on a routine basis, you must have noticed that  my last post was back in July.

Life has changed for me.  It's that simple.  What was once important has taken a back seat, more like third row back seat.  My days of waking up with a hot cup of coffee and hitting the blog are all but gone, for now- and that's OK with me...for now.

I'll give you a quick run-down on my year of 2016.  Perhaps you will understand a bit better.
I'll just hit the big topics, I think that should suffice.

Dad had a major heart attack in March.  It was his life changer for sure.  He recovered, slowly but surely and while I don't think he is a 100% he has done well.  I was very afraid he would not get to meet his unborn granddaughter.  I was more afraid that I would lose my best friend and Father!

Corabella was born on April 7th.  She was early by a few weeks and was a bit small at 5lbs 8 oz but she was healthy and I was the happiest person in the world!

In May I was offered a management position at work and I accepted.  I began to work many, many hours.  It was pretty stressful at first but soon thing fell into place.

In June we lost my Father In Law, Roger.  That was very difficult and our family was crushed.
Roger was a great man and I still miss him very much.

Things began to muddle together at this point in the year.  Between the new job and the new baby everything changed.  All of the things I used to do were set aside to take care of my new responsibilities.

Between June and December we lost more family members than anyone should in a year.
My Grandmother Margaret passed away the day after her 70th wedding anniversary.

My wife lost two Uncles and an Aunt.

My mother Kathleen passed away in September.

My wife left her job for a job she has always wanted.  Her persistence paid off and while she took a pay cut to get her foot in the door it won't be long before she climbs up the ladder once again.  She is happy so I am happy.

In October my new job took a turn and I was moved to a different plant to manage it.  The current contract I was working on was winding down and another plant needed a new manager so I was elected to take over that one.
It was a very hard adjustment as the product was completely different, all new people and all new hours.  It is a fast paced, high production assembly line which turns out a vehicle every 13 minutes. We worked a split week.  I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for 12 hour shifts and then I work every other Saturday for 8 hour shifts in addition to the 3-12's.  So it is 36 hours one week and 44 the next.  While it may sound nice it took a brutal toll on me and it took awhile for me to get up to speed.

Dad and I had to cancel our Canadian fly in fishing trip scheduled in August.  Deer camp was also cancelled as his health was still not justifiable.  So for me the summer and fall was a blend of work, funerals and taking care of my baby.  Not much else was done.

I'm not bitter I'm just tired.

Winter is here now and things are settling down a bit.

My amazing little Corabella is the shining star in my life right now.  I love waking up to her smile as she is a morning person just like me.  We both get up around 5AM on my days off and we watch Mickey Mouse and talk.  Her smile is amazing, her laugh is contagious and I spend most of my time thinking of her when I am not with her.

So in  a nutshell that was my 2016.

Life can be tough but it can also give you some of the most beautiful things you will ever see.  It is how you deal with it, how you adapt and overcome and most importantly how you choose to spend every minute of it that makes you who you are.

There will be some changes coming in 2017.  I'm not a resolution type of guy so no need to bother with that.  Just some changes within that need to be made, some habits that need to be altered.

I wish all of  you the best in the new year.  Live it like it was your last!



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about all the passing away of family members this past year. So many to grieve! Especially sorry to hear about your mom's; always hard to lose our moms. That is a gruesome work schedule you had to get used to; I can see that would take adjustment! I do hope 2017 is a kinder one for you and yours!

    Corabella is adorable! My grandson loves Mickey Mouse too. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.


  2. You had your share of the "bads" and, for that, please accept my good wishes.
    But, Corabella? Well, she's a "knock it out of the park" reason why 2016 was overall a good thing.
    All the best, Dad.

  3. Indeed an epic 2016 - on all fronts. I'm sad to read about so much sorrow and loss of family. Your little Corabella truly has been a shining light through it all. I can tell you lap up the smiles and joy she brings to your mornings - what a special time for you two.

    Congratulations to Angel on securing the new job, nothing like doing something that makes you happy. I wish her great success in it.

    It's good to see you blogging, even if it's one post every 7 months (hehehehe) keep up the pace and we'll hear from you in the summer! Ah, the joys of life... in the meantime, be well, be happy and keep smiling. Cheers, Jenny


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