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Monday, April 27, 2020

Sunshine Sunday

Hey there, how ya doing?

Welcome to another installment of Bushman shares his boredom.
Just in case you didn't have enough boredom of your own I can share some of mine.

Last post we watched as I walked around and acted like I knew something about something and guess what?   Here is some more of that!  LOL

Today marks the official yet unofficial last week of my lockdown.  I have orders to return to work in one week.  Our Governor has extended the lock down yet another two weeks and I for one mostly believe it is to cover her own butt because I still believe that most of this was unneeded.
I won't get into details nor will I go all political on this blog but I'll leave it as is...unsettling.

I spent a big portion of my time cleaning up bee hives and frames this weekend.  It was fun and definitely out of the ordinary which made it even more enjoyable.
I scraped propolis and old wax off of all the frames.  Pulled the plastic foundations out of them and cleaned all the grooves and then fired them with a torch to essentially sanitize them of any hidden bugs I may not have seen with my naked eye.  Better safe than sorry.
It took a long time and a ton of scraping but I wanted to start with a clean slate.

I have ordered fresh beeswax to re-coat the frames and they should be ready to go as soon as the supplies arrive.

There are a few areas in the lawn that have been re-seeded.  One was the last remnants of my old wood stack.  I finally got that all cleaned up and put down some grass seed and straw.
The other was an elm tree that was dead at the top and was unsightly so I cut that down and seeded the old mulch area under it.

The apiary is all set for the bees to arrive.  I needed to make sure I finished that as any work after the new tenants arrive would most likely irritate them enough to sting me as I would have to be right next to the hive working.

If all the seed germinates that I put in around the apiary it is going to be spectacular!

Morning glories, Nasturtium, Four O' Clocks, Sunflowers, Purple Coneflower,
Candytuft, Siberian Wallflower, Zinnias, Single China Aster, Cosmos, Sweet Williams Pinks, Coreopsis, Sweet Basil, Larkspur, Corn Poppy, Blanketflower, Lacy Phacelia.

I am hoping that some of these perennials like the coneflower, coreopsis and blanketflower will do well enough that maybe next year I can divide them up and spread them throughout some of my other planting beds.

I lost my beautiful Moonbeam Coreopsis last season because a Trumpet Vine had invaded it and the only way to eliminate the vine was to spray roundup all over everything.  :(

10 day forecast looks promising for getting the plants in the garden  I'm dragging my feet as much as I can but my tomatoes are getting huge.

Ok enough for now.  Below is a link to the video I took last night.  Enjoy and I'll see you soon!

Sunshine Sunday


  1. You'll have to take pictures.
    Yeah, when you think about places that didn't lock down at all, like Sweden, you have to wonder...

  2. I too have my own thoughts about it all but I too won't get political. I think you did good with what you got done while you were sheltered at home. Now to keep up with it all after you return to work.



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