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Monday, April 1, 2024

Magic in the Sky

 I saw a sky today.  Not the same one I see everyday.  This one was special.  

Streaks of purple splashed with muted blues, shadows of gray clouds laced with black.  

The clouds curved and snaked like a river toward a destination unknown.

As much in motion as it was still, mesmerizing, enticing and ominous all at the same time.

The sky rolled up and over a hill and in the distance two trees stood like soldiers, guarding.

What?  I do not know.  

Yet, I want to.

If it were not for the road that lay under the sky I should think that this may be a heaven of sorts.

The beauty of the sky, the sentinel trees.  

The road, a black snake winding away to parts unknown.  A scar upon the landscape or an invitation of hope?

Where does it lead?  Was there a proverbial fork in the road somewhere in the distance or did it end in heartbreak and sorrow?

Did it lead to adventure, wishes and dreams?

I shall wonder and see if the days ahead wash it from my memory or if it remains and I decide to follow it.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Updates on...well everything!

Hey there fellow bloggers.

I've been a little busy now that I'm back at work but I still have been hard at work here at home.

Had a little trouble in the garden with our third winter this spring and had to do some replants but all is well now.

Still waiting on the bees to arrive and with the weather we have had it is actually for the better.  Shooting for first week of June.  Stay tuned.

Besides work it has been:

    Re-plant almost the entire garden

Building bee hive boxes
    Built 4 new boxes and even put my own custom brand on them

Painting old bee hive boxes
    After the original paint job I decided to spruce it up with some happy bees and flowers

Hanging out with Corabella
    We successfully flew a kite overnight.  LOL

    So much rain = so much mow

Installed a rain barrel that fills off the woodshed gutter
    Added bonus for quick watering details

Today I planted 4 flats of flowers and put them in the greenhouse to plant end of June
    $60 worth of flowers for about $10

Below you will find a few links so grab some popcorn and have a view!

(Formally known as the 'Quarantine Gardener) lol

Planting the garden and installing drip irrigation

Planting flowers in the garden