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Monday, April 1, 2024

Magic in the Sky

 I saw a sky today.  Not the same one I see everyday.  This one was special.  

Streaks of purple splashed with muted blues, shadows of gray clouds laced with black.  

The clouds curved and snaked like a river toward a destination unknown.

As much in motion as it was still, mesmerizing, enticing and ominous all at the same time.

The sky rolled up and over a hill and in the distance two trees stood like soldiers, guarding.

What?  I do not know.  

Yet, I want to.

If it were not for the road that lay under the sky I should think that this may be a heaven of sorts.

The beauty of the sky, the sentinel trees.  

The road, a black snake winding away to parts unknown.  A scar upon the landscape or an invitation of hope?

Where does it lead?  Was there a proverbial fork in the road somewhere in the distance or did it end in heartbreak and sorrow?

Did it lead to adventure, wishes and dreams?

I shall wonder and see if the days ahead wash it from my memory or if it remains and I decide to follow it.


  1. Welcome back, dear Bushman. What an incredible re-entry piece of writing. I'm travelling down that road, sky a little grayer these days, but wishes and dreams still strong. I feel the pull, to press the gas, and fly over the crest into the unknown. "Why not," she said, "What else was there to do."
    I hope this is the first of many more wonderful pieces of writing I have come to appreciate.
    Cheers, with joy and happiness, Jenny

  2. Good to hear from you! It's been a long time. That sky will lead you wherever you want to go.


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