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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree Shopping

Went out last weekend and picked out our X-mas tree.  We went to Charlies Tree Farm in Dimondale.
I was looking for a fir tree this year as the family was tired of getting "picked" by
our usual blue spruce.
As soon as we got out of the car a friend drove by on his tractor.  This is Mike.  Mike's uncle is Charlie.  Charlie owns the tree farm.Mike helps out on the weekends.  During the week he and I are busy building firetrucks.
I must confess.  Charlies Tree Farm has the best damn selection of Frasier firs I
have ever seen.  From the moment we hit the section it was nothing but.
"That's a nice one",  "that's a nice one too", "Look theres a really good one"
I was half tempted to get back in the car and go to another tree farm where the trees weren't as nice.  It would have made it easier to decide on a good one.LOL

Mama is all bundled up.  It was a nice day actually.  30 degrees and clear blue skies.
The snow had just come off the trees the day before so we didn't have to try and choose though a covering on the branches.

Joe and Kaitlin goofing off.  We seen a lady laying on the ground cutting down her christmas tree and I joked to the kids about what her reaction would be if I laid down on the other side of the tree and started cutting.  The whole time saying,"Kids I found the perfect tree come look".  It was quite funny.  I can only imagine what she would have done.

We found our perfect tree and put Kaitlin to work sawing it down.

Joe and I stood by with helpful tips and guidance on how best to cut a tree down.
It takes at least three people to cut down a christmas tree.  One to cut it and the other two acting like they are choking each other for the camera.  I think we had it down pat.

Kaitlin did such a good job cutting down the tree that we let her drag it back to the barn as well.  What??????

Here is Mike again.  After shaking the tree to remove dead needles and such they run it
through a baling machine that ties it up nice and neat.  Makes for easy transport.

At home in the stand but still tied.

Untied.  Notice the silver color on the bottom side of the needles and the blue/green on top.  Very pretty tree.  I recomend this type to all. 

Now to decorate it. I think everybody was too tired or too busy because I ended up doing it all myself.

Not too shabby.
3 more days of work and then I'm off for 12 days.
Sorry I haven't posted more.  I've been busy on another story.  Jap Juice took up most of my posts.  I hope you liked it.  The next story will not be wrote on here.  I may publish it on here when it's finished.  Not sure.  I don't get any comments or feedback on anything so I'm not too sure how well jap Juice was received.  I don't want to bore you with another of my stories.
Until next time!!!!!!!!
ps.  Remy is now 10 weeks and what a ham.  He looks like Marley and acts like him too.

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