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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hey everyone guess what i'm still alive!!!!

Holy Moley was that a long winter!
Didn't think I was gonna make it there for awhile.  Whew!
But I did and it's now May 16th.  My last post was in February and I apologize.
If you live in the North with snow and cold you will understand the seasonal depression and the resulting lack of interest in the world:)
I've been busy getting the yard in shape and getting the garden ready for planting.
This morning I worked on building fence panels to enclose the garden with.(keep the critters out)
I got all the wood from work.  They were just tossing it.  So I ripped all the 2x4s in half and made frames from them.  I need to build about a 110 foot of fence.  After the frame I stapeled chicken wire to it.
I got 13 panels built before I had to head to St. Johns for a soccer game.  When I returned I started installing the panels.  My two faithful helpers were waiting by the door as usual to assist me in my endeavors.

These two are a hoot.  Their favorite foods as of late are chicken poo and cow poo:(
Remi just loves to play ball and Gunner just loves to knock Remi down on the way to the ball.  They are good for each other.  I am so glad they can go outside now while I am at work.  No more running home on lunch for potty breaks.
Here is some pics of the fence panels and garden.  They are phone pics so bear with:

Still got a ways to go but almost there.  I will be planting lots of veggies so check back for updates.

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