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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Baby's Birdfeeder

Awhile back I purchased an exotic piece of wood with the intention of constructing a memory box. The box was to hold the few memories we have of our two lost little souls.  Corwin and Isabella.
I decided that instead of building a box with that particular piece of wood I was going to build a bird feeder/planter combo.  Now everyday when I step outside I can see the wings of God's little angels perched upon that beautiful piece of purpleheart wood.  I can imagine them flying back up to heaven to tell my babies that Daddy still loves them and misses them.  Much better than a box.

I started the project with the sides of the feeder.  I cut one to the dimension I liked and them traced the pattern to the other.

After that I ripped some pieces for the front and back the same size as the thicker end of the sides.
These were nailed and glued.

Then I cut and glued the planter part of the feeder.  You can see it below in the clamps.  This part will sit on
top of the feeder.  I will fill it with potting soil and put some type of plants in it.

I simply glued a piece of plexiglass in the bottom of the planter part leaving a tiny slot towards the rear to allow water to drain but not wash out the soil.

I added the top semi circles as a decorative touch.  They were actually the part I removed from the sides.
Wiped it down with tack cloth and sprayed with laquer.
I just need to mount it and fill it with seed. 

Once planted and filled with plants I will post another picture.

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