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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Me

Well ok it was yesterday.
However in the JWB manual for life it states on page 32, paragraph 2,
"calling or wishing well the day after a celebratory event will extend before mentioned event by approxiametley one day and is acceptable for anyone".

We had dinner and cake and ice cream.
I said we HAD cake.  Guess what?  I will HAD cake later on today too!!

Kaitlin and I processed 8 more quarts of tomatos from my garden.
It is so nice to have a helper.  I dipped them in boiling water and dropped in the ice bath, she peeled and quartered them and then I filled the jars and so on.
We did about 5 quarts of salsa on Sunday as well which turned out really good.
So the running total of canned goods is at 13 quarts and one half pint.

I even got a card from my Big Brown Dog, Gunner.

Here is one from the family

I recieved a beautiful Orchid for a present.
(Though not the golf cart I was hoping for)
I will get some pictures of that later when the light is better.
It has a dozen flowers on it.

Now it's off to the hospital with my bride.
She is having surgery today.
For what you ask?
Check back later and I will let you know.


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