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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A dog's life!

I didn't have much to post on today so I thought I would do something different with some older pictures.

This little guy became a member of our family almost 3 yrs ago.  Little did I know the impact he would make!

                    I came home from work one day and caught him dancing with my beautiful wife!

When he finished his dance he ran out the door to his get away vehicle.
Looks like he had an accomplice!

Not long after that we added another member to our family.  Don't ever double dog dare me!

So these two mutts become pretty good friends.  Not long after that I found them cuddling with my
gorgeous, young daughter.  These two are unstoppable!

Well you know how it is with women.  Wasn't very long and they were fighting over it.

So what do you do?  Put 'em in time out!!

It seems as though they have overcome their differences and now are pretty much inseparable.

They swim together

They nap together
They even fetch the same retrieving toy.  Literally

Gunner still loves the girls though. 

These two truly are the gift that keeps giving!


  1. I know how you feel - our pets are so much a part of the family, we plan some trips so we can take them with us. They show us every day what unconditional love looks like.

  2. That's for sure Big Dude. My blog pretty much says how much I love my dogs. They are in almost every post!!


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