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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Screw Machine and the Hunt Camp

Well if I had three words to describe this morning it would be:
Damn Dogs Anyways

That's AM people.  Oh well I was in bed at 9:30 last night anyways and I only get 7 hours of sleep a night not counting falling asleep on the couch.
Busy day today. Joe is coming home from his Dad's house so we can shoot the rifles and work on the camper for a bit.  His grades aren't perfect but he's trying.  I understand how it goes.  I am not that far removed from high school.  18 yrs is not that far. 
I did most of my grocery shopping yesterday.  I spent almost $300 yesterday in food and other hunting related items.  The cost wouldn't be so bad but when splitting it three ways I absorb two of those ways.    Thank heavens for the bonus at work! First one in 5 quarters. Damn Economy Anyways.

I still can't wait.  Joe has never been to deer camp and it will be fun to show him the ropes and how to be a respectful woodsman.  It will be some great quality time for all three generations.  I made a big pot of venison stew yesterday to take with us.  Simple stew, seasonings, carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, venison.  I made enough so we could have it for dinner last night.  Served piping hot over a flaky biscuit.  Priceless!
Blurry I know.  Damn Phone Anyways.  (I see a theme developing here)

I froze two big bowls full.  Today is chili which is extra special because I will be using the tomatoes from my garden that I canned earlier in the year and also one of my precious chipoltes (which I spent 4 days making)
I also picked up my pop up blind yesterday.  On sale for $54.  My Dad did not have any heavy outer wear to protect him from the cold so I bought him a nice pair of insulated pants (I have a big wool coat for him just no pants) for $39.  Damn Floridians Anyways. 
So for our breakfasts I have sausage, patties and links, bacon, Canadian bacon, ( eh?) potatoes O'Brien, (O Blarney) English muffins, (pip pip cheerio) eggs, toast, assortment of fried potatoes, bread, butter, syrup.  So any combo of meat and eggs or mcmufffins or french toast you can think of.
Lunches will consist of ;
Chicken soup, bean soup, chili,hot dogs, and whatever is left!
Dinner will be:
Fried walleye, venison loin, hamburgers, fried chicken, venison stew, smoked bratwurst.
With these meals I have an assortment of side such as: french fries, baked beans, green beans, fried potatoes, baked potatoes and chips.
For yummies I have made 15 lbs of jerky, 15 lbs of snack sticks and will be making summer sausage stuffed with cheddar cheese today.  An assortment of mixed nuts, candy bars, wheat thins, cheezits and block cheeses.  Of course we will be having refreshments but we will procure those items in Mio which is just 3 towns outside of our hunting area.  If we buy it up there we help support their economy and cut down on our weight during transit.  A couple cases of beer, pop, water, Gatorade, milk and juice can weigh in at a hefty weight.  $2.85 a gallon for gas.  You do the math. 
Weather for the North country appears to be cold.  For Saturday high 44 with chance of showers.  Sunday highs in the low 30s lows in the low 20s.  I will check each day as the week progresses but it doesn't matter.
We are prepared.  I also picked up a dozen 1 lb propane cylinders for our blind heaters.  I also have 4 more tucked away in the camper.  I have (3) 20 lb tanks for the camper heat. 
I just need the next week to get over with fast.  4 days of work.  Pick up Dad at airport on Friday.  Pack truck and camper that evening.  Departure time 8am Saturday morn.  ETA for camp 1:00 pm Saturday afternoon.  That gives us about 5 hours to set up camp, cut some firewood, and check things out. beforedark.  Damn daylight savings anyways.  Sunday will be scouting and blind building/set up day.  Along with more firewood cutting.I am almost ready.  Oh hey look it's 5 am now.  Now what do I do?
Chili anybody?
I almost forgot I found this ad in the paper this morning while waiting for coffee to brew.
This must be a guy only thing.  Can't believe the job is still available. 
Sounds like a great job.  I may have to check it out!  Or maybe I'm reading it wrong.   Sorry it's blurry I didn't have my glasses on.
(Refer to picture number one)
I love the title of this post.  Sounds like an 80's cop show :)


  1. If you're going hunting and teaching the kid to be a real woodsman, looks like you'd just take salt, sugar, flour and coffee and eat what you shot or caught (LOL).

  2. You're right Larry! I edited the post to read a respectful woodsman. Not even I want to be a true one. Besides the copyright for Survivorman is already taken. What's the sugar for by the way. LOL

  3. I just came up with a few staples to harass you.

  4. "Somebody" is pretty excited here - the anticipation is palpable in your post. :) Have fun. (love the job ad)


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