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Friday, November 26, 2010

Deer Camp 2010 Part II

Here is a little more from our 2010 deer camp.

Dad's deer hanging from a very nice buck pole.

Poor Joe just couldn't help himself and had to text all his girl "friends" back home.  He seems to have a new one every couple weeks and then returns to the first one.  Some sort of maddening circle.  He'll learn eventually.  One is more than enough!!  Unfortunately he couldn't always get a signal in camp and at his weakest moment I got a picture of him desperately seeking signal.  Pun intended!

Yes it's a ladder and he's at the top with phone in hand.

We teased him all week about his phone and girls and not seeing deer because his eyes were in his lap while he texted.  It was good fun.  Joe says he can't wait for his sister to make the trip so he won't be the greenhorn anymore.  I would bet that his sister would probably shoot a deer leaving him to once again fill the rookie vacancy.  It's just Murphy's law.  It is what it is.
Shall we move on to fried chicken night?
Dad's little fry station

I brought two whole chickens cut up and they gave us all livers and only one gizzard.
We ate them anyways.  We had french fries with this as well but not long after the chicken was removed from the fryer it disappeared.  We stood right there and ate at the fry station.
Joe almost put his phone down to eat.  Almost!

Dear Girlfriends,  I am at deer camp and my step grandpa just fed me fried chicken livers.  Despite the fact that I am ravenous and near the brink of starvation I ate them anyways.  They were good.  I would never eat these at home.  I miss you and I will talk to you later on top of the ladder.  Love Joe Joe!!
Well before we went out for the evening hunt Dad and I prepared the chimney log by stuffing it full of dead pine boughs.  We packed them into the chimney with the splitting maul.  I cut air holes in the log so it would burn better.  Here see for yourself.

It is upside down in the above picture.  I had to scrape all the wet rotten wood from the center as well.


On fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add a little used fry oil for cause and effect!!

This baby was hot.  Blue flames and it ate poplar logs like candy.

Oh yeah I almost forgot bath day!!!!  It's a good thing I control this blog because you won't see my pictures.

Dear Girlfriends,  I am at deer camp taking a bath in an ice cold creek.  Apparently I am so dirty that I need to subject myself to 34 degree water in order to look good for you when I return.  My phone is hidden in the chair so the guys up there don't have any idea what I'm doing.  I am so sneaky.  PS.  Due to almost freezing water my willy has retreated so far that I will have to pee sitting down for the next 24 hours.
Love, Joe Joe

Dear girlfriends,  These are NOT the same boxers I have had on for 3 days.  Do not listen to those guys!
Love, Joe Joe.

I must say it was amazingly refreshing once the feeling came back into your numb, red body.  Well worth the sacrifice of sitting down to go pee!

Dear Girlfriends,  Just got done recharging my batteries.  I am so cold.  I don't know how these guys can stand there in just shirts and jeans.  Crazy fat guys!  Maybe I'm still cold from my bath.  It's hard to text when my face is covered so bye for now.
Love Joe Joe.

I had a couple partridge(ruffed grouse) walk by my blind one day.  Hard to get the camera to focus on them.
We had such a great time.  I miss it already.  I need to modify a few things for next year but all in all a great time.  I'm having a hard time getting back into the hunting down here now.

One more thing;

Dear Wife,
What have I got myself into.  Jeff wasn't very honest about this trip.  He said there was clear water and a sandy shore all I see is this freezing creek and the sand has rocks in it.  Can you believe it?  That would never fly in Florida,  rocks in the sand.  He makes me climb these huge hills and haul wood.  Wakes me up at 4 am every morning and tries to get me to drink boiling hot coffee.  I truly believe he is trying to clog my arteries with these 5 egg omelets and fried potatoes.  Eat, Eat ,Eat, I swear he pushes food down us like there's no tomorrow.  Might have to buy an extra seat for the flight home. Also we have to drink our beer out of cans.  What I wouldn't give for a glass.    Not sure how much more of this I can take.
Hopefully him and Joe don't see me texting. 
Love William.


  1. Your morning routine is exactly like mine except my get up time varies and probably averages about 5am. Thanks for the reinforcing comments on my tree planting blog.

  2. What a great post! I feel for the little Joe Joe, though . . . hope all his girlfriends don't read about his shrunken willie, 3-day-old boxers and sitting down to pee. You're a cruel parent. :D


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