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Friday, November 12, 2010

Vacation, Hiatus, Time Off, Running Away, DEER CAMP EXPEDITION

Ladies and gentlemen the time is upon us.  No more prepping, no more fretting, most importantly no more waiting.  I am truly a kid on the verge of entering the world's greatest candy store.  However my store contains majestic oaks and fragrant pine stands, glistening white birches and an undergrowth of ferns hiding beneath it the magic of the great north woods.  Ahhhh.  I can smell it now.  I can hear the water in the creek trickling away to unknown destinations.  The cedar thickets with their dark shadows and thick moss beckon me to step into another world.  A world where time has stopped and history is only made by what you can remember with your eyes and what you feel in your heart.  It is not just hunting.  It is living.  It's a way to get back to nature.  Aligning you spirit with a power greater than your own.  It is a place of discovery!  Along with that comes the bond of a fraternal nature.  Fathers and sons putting away the everyday life to simply enjoy each others company and unite together in a single passion.

Not only is this one of my true passions I get to see my Father twice in one year.  If I'm lucky I get to see him once every two years.  This time were flipping the tables.   Not only is he my father but he is my best friend.  So you can imagine my delight when an opportunity like this unfolds.  I must have done something right this year to deserve such a treat. 

To top that off I get to take my stepson with us.  He has yet to grace any deer camp with his presence and I am saddened that I have not been able to give him this gift until now.  I hope he enjoys himself as much as I do.  We don't share much in common so this is a chance to have something together.  I am anxious and slightly nervous. 

With all of that said I will leave you until probably Sunday the 23rd.  I wish you well and remember if this guy can accomplish his goals you can to.


  1. You're an excellent writer - have you considered doing it for a living?

  2. Larry,
    Such a compliment has left me speechless and I thank you for it enourmously. Yes I have considered it. More of a pipe dream than anything. I suppose life just gets in the way too much. That is why I love blogging it gives me a chance to bleed a little if you know what I mean. Thanks agin.--Jeff

  3. I'm impressed, too ... love the comments you leave on my site. Have fun in deer camp. The woods are a pretty special place. Too bad you can't eradicate a few of the deer from my yard.

    It was really great to hear you carry on about your dad. My dad passed away and I miss him so much.

  4. Blog update from Jeff's wife. He got a doe on Monday and so did Papa Bill. Joe hasn't gotten one yet.


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