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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Recently Discovered Deer Telegraph.

Good Morning faithful readers or reader.  I apologize for yesterdays whiny post.  It is so easy to get locked up in the moment of feeling sorry for yourself.  However I realize it's not my fault that I am getting fat and old and lazy.  It's the democrats fault.  So I am calling Sam and suing them and when I win I will call JG Wentworth because it's my money and I want it now.  TV overload sorry. 
Seriously though I came in from hunting last night (yes I seen zero deer) and Momma had the Christmas decorations up and the house smelled like cinnamon or apples (perhaps a combination) and I just felt my spirits lift.  The twinkling of the lights in the little Christmas villages and jolly old St. Nick smiling at me. 
It was enough to clear the fog from my vision and set me straight.  Thanks Momma.  Sorry I didn't get the decorations out like you asked me too.  Also sorry I won't be putting them away either. (snicker)

I am headed out to the woods in about 30 minutes to once again re-assert the fact that deer are extremely allergic to me this year.  I stayed in bed yesterday morning and Steve (hunting bud) saw 19 deer and three of them were bucks , one being a shooter.  All within fifty yards of where I was sitting last night.  Of course they vacated said property when they heard I was coming.  I can hear the deer telegraph now.  Dee, duh, de,dee,dee, stop  Dee duh dee dee dee stop.  Which translates into- well I'll leave that up to you and voice in my head.  He has some great ideas but this site is mostly PG so I will not repeat here.
I did manage to get some good reading in while I was out there and it was relaxing so I still win.
Dee, Dee, Duh Dee that you damn deer anyways.
So in case you didn't know it is now muzzle loader season here in Michigan.  Regular firearms is over so the shotguns in the southern zone and the rifles in the northern zone are put away for now.  The muzzleloader season ends the 19th and then we have a late doe season that runs thru the rest of December.  So I still have time to bag a nice buck and hang a couple more does.  I like the fact of dumping powder down a barrel and then cramming a bullet in after it.  Brings it a little closer to home.  Bit more personal you could say. 
I need to stockpile some more venison to make sausage and snack sticks for my family that doesn't live close.  I'll get that shipped out shortly after Christmas.
Well that's good enough for now just wanted to check in on all you people(person).
Maybe next post will have a picture of an animal in it.  :)

I'm not political but because I referenced the democrats earlier I feel compelled to share this girl's feelings

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  1. Nothing like Christmas decorations to lift the spirits. I'm not a hunter, but have always enjoyed walking thru the winter woods. I would have thought the hunt would be the good part, being in the outdoors and matching wits with a wiley deer rather than actually killing the animal - but like I said, I'm not a hunter.


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