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Friday, December 31, 2010

Slippery boots and a 37 year old ice auger.

Kaitlin and I went ice fishing yesterday.  Well more like ice sitting I suppose.  The fish were not biting and I believe it was due to the warm weather and southerly winds.  Don't ask me how the fish know the direction of the wind they just do.  (usually a south and or east wind is a predictor of low pressure)  All the same it was quite a morning.  The snow had melted from the lake and it appeared to be made of glass.  It was so slippery that there was no way to walk without ice cleats on your boots.  The ice was transparent and you could see everything under it to about 8 ft deep.  Really neat and kind of scary too.
The next pic is straight down through the ice.  What you are seeing is sand and a few weeds.
Depth about 3-4 ft.

The white things are little pebbles.  That is my reflection at the bottom.
We fished/sat for a couple hours and then called it quits.  It was better than sitting at home!

Of course without ice cleats guess who got a free ride?
That is Bobby in the background.  He and I work together.
A friend of mine had some ice gear he didn't use so he gave it to me which included this fabulous jet sled and a 6 inch ice auger that he bought back in 1974.  Which just happens to be the year I was born.  It worked like a charm and shaved it's way right through the ice.  Thanks Harry.

Not much more going on here.  I cancelled the New Years Eve Dinner.  Not enough interest from anyone.
Think we will start looking at houses again.  Time to get out of dodge.  Start a new life.  Away from ex-friends and old habits.  I'm anxious and ready!  If all goes well maybe gone within 90 days.  We will see.
Waiting to hear from the mortgage broker on our qualifications.  There is plenty of houses to chose from.

Have you seen our Christmas Dogs?


  1. The ice does look a little scary, but that's a great shot down thru it. Looks like some folks could be breaking out their ice skates for use on that giant rink. Happy New Year

  2. Wow - I've never seen a lake frozen so clear - love that shot down and the one of Bobby looks like he's standing on water. I think dogs with hats are just good fun! Happy New Year!


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