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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner @ the Famous Joe's Gizzard City and 6 below!!

If you have ever watched the food network then you have seen the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
Guy Fierri drives around the country finding these bad ass places to eat.  No fancy shmancy crap just damn good food the American way.  Well awhile back he came to our neck of the woods.  This itty bitty town named Potterville, Mi.  They do have a stop light although only one.  It is just a one horse town alongside the freeway between Lansing and the Indiana border.  In this little town is a little bar/restaurant that goes by the name of Joe's Gizzard City.  This is where Guy set up shop for one of his episodes.  Joe's is famous for fried gizzards.  Any way you like 'em.  Fried, naked, cajun, garlic and on and on.  The menu also has a few other eclectic items such as deep fried Oreos.  Deep fried meatballs.  The Potterville Poutine.  Oh and you can't forget the specialty beer such as Cock A Doodle Brew.  made famous by Guy's visit is the Triple D burger.
This is a battered and deep fried hamburger complete with all the fixings.  Crazy I know.  I believe they have a direct line to the Cardiac Ward in the Lansing hospital.  So here is what we had and forgive the pics they are from my phone.
I had the Potterville Poutine which is shredded Philly style beef, cheese and brown gravy dumped nicely over french fries and sprinkled with scallions.

Momma and baby Joe Joe split a Triple D burger and some chili cheese fries.

And my wonderfully skinny 14 yr old daughter who I believe comes equipped with her own personal herd of tapeworms had.....A Gizzard Dinner with onion rings and a salad and an order of chili cheese fries and also had a couple bites of Mommas burger.  Washing it all down with a big root beer.

Oh my!  Talk about a splurge night.  It was fun.

I was jarred awake this morning by some loud noises and as I lay in bed listening (5:30am) i figured out what it was.  There were several loud pops and cracks.  Sort of like the sound a frozen lake makes as it expands and contracts.  Turns out it is the house contracting in the cold weather.  Well not just cold because when I woke up it was -6 degrees.  Not 6 but minus 6.  The dogs didn't even want to stay out for any length of time.  Brrrrrrr  I hate winter!!!
To put into pictures what it is like outside this morning I have this:


  1. I saw that episode of DDD and was impressed that this guy could turn a piece of rubber into a tender piece of meat. I'm thinking maybe he pressure cooked them. Anyway, I recall thinking I'd make some if I had his recipe. Minus 6 is definitely a little chilly.

  2. Big Dude-
    He does pressure cook them. You can actually get his batter mix in a gift package along with two chicken beers. Thanks for reading


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