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Friday, January 21, 2011

Drunk Haiku and Bubba!

Hi there!
Miss me?  Didn't think so.  Sorry I've been busy.  Lame ass excuse I know.  I wasn't really busy but lazy and busy can be misconstrued by any wayfaring, alley roaming drunkard!  Me too.  Although I stay out of alleys now a days.  Why you ask?  I have no fucking clue because I have not been in an alley in years.  Shit just rolls out of my head and onto this damn misspelling keyboard like you wouldn't believe.
I gotta wonder about the state of my welfare some days.  The guys at work commented the other day about you never know what the hell I might say.  Plum crazy.  Loco.  I can't help it.  You say something and I have 50 things to say back to you.  49 of them are a smart ass comment. the other one is a swear word.  Oops.
The company I work for has just struck a deal with Isuzu to manufacture some vehicles for them and of course everyone in the shop is talking about Japanese people now.  Is Isuzu Japanese?  Who give a shit.  They helped land a few jobs in the neighborhood that's all I care about.  Anyways that got me to thinking about Haiku poetry.  We used to think we were the shit back in grade school with that jazz.  Bring it home and mom hangs it on the fridge wondering why you write weird shit but keeping it to herself. 
I'm trying to remember how it goes but it something like 3-5-3.  3 syllables first line 5 second and so on.  Let's try it now about 30 years later and see how it goes.

I like beer
It gets me fucked up
Bartender another one

See its not that hard.  Can you imagine turning that crap into Ms. Schwarzwalder.  That fatty would've shit her granny panties.  Here's another one.

Got a job?
No. Too lazy to work.
I hear ya.

Sorry, sorry sorry. (not really)  I am in one of my moods. 
I'm trying to buy this house.  Its a battle.  List price is 70K.  HUD home needs a shit pot of repairs.  I bid 50k.  Rejected.  I re-bid 55k.  Nothing.  Talk to mortgage broker last night she says she had a deal on that house last year and they accepted at 40k but the deal fell through.  What the hell?
Piss on them.  Looking at other shit now.  Maybe find something better.  Who Knows.
I sort of feel like a dog taking a piss out in the yard.  Leg cocked up letting the stream flow, feeling good about myself and then here comes another little sumbitch and cocks his leg and pisses all over my fresh pee.  Now that pisses me off but guess what I'm outta pee and the little bastard has  run off already.  That is the metaphor for my life.  Day late, dollar short and fresh outta pee!!!!!!!!!!
Picture for the day.  Drunk Haiku and my little brother.

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