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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pastie pictures

Just wanted to share some pics of the Pasties I made last night.  They were delicious.  Simple food for a simple life.
I made the dough using flour, sugar, salt, water and yeast. Let it rise for an hour.  If you want the recipe you'll have to go see  Cowgirls Country Life and look for bierocks.  I borrowed it from her.  Although hers are smoked and mine are ovened!!
While it was rising I made the filling by browning burger, sauteing onions, celery, green peppers, garlic,cabbage and potatoes.

Then I rolled the dough when it was ready

Plopped down some filling and cut the dough with a pizza cutter around it and wrapped it.  Brushed with melted butter and dropped in the oven at 375 for about 40-60 until golden brown.  I ended up with 8 total so we had 4 for dinner and 2 for lunch today and I have 2 more in the freeze for next time and a free dinner!!!
Then I smothered them with brown gravy.  Yumm!!


  1. These sound really good. I make a similar version, but a casserole that's like a deep dish pot pie. Love these ingredients!

  2. Thanks Vickie,
    Momma is going out of town on business Mon-Wed so I will be pulling the extras from the freeze for dinner. I was thinking about doing some with breakfast ingredients. ???


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