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Saturday, February 26, 2011

At the tone the time will be.....

Well here we are at the weekend again.  What have I accomplished thru the week?  Who cares!  I'm just glad I made it thru to Saturday and sleeping in.  Oh no wait a minute.  If I remember correctly in my dazed state of mind this morning sometime between 4am and 6 am there were two mutts whining and whimpering at any given minute to be let outside and fed breakfast.  Then there was the wife who kept nudging me and letting me know the time like it was some kind of freaking countdown.  I had nowhere to go.  Nothing to do.  Apparently she thinks that because I normally get up at 4:30 am that when its 6 am I have had plenty of sleep and therefore I don't need to be in bed anymore.  Contrary to popular belief sometimes I could use a bit of a sleep in.  Especially when I am coming down with a cold or am down with one (not real sure which state it is in). 
Me on the other hand I believe if you get to sleep in until 6:30 everyday of the week then you have more rest and it should be your obligation to get up.  The fact that you can fall asleep again also plays a deciding factor.
Oh who am I kidding?  I'm stuck with the duty no matter what.  Just don't nudge me any more.  If I want the time I'll either look at the clock or call the time operator.
Went and looked at another house last night.  This one was just outside the village limits of Grand Ledge which is a very popular area around here.  It was a 5 bedroom 2.5 bath on half acre.  It was your classic 1960s ranch with a big finished walk out basement.   It was located in a subdivision that was obviously built in the 60s and 70s.  Mostly all ranches with mature trees.  It's nice.  It is also nestled between two larger and more glamorous subdivisions where the low side of housing will cost you close to 1/4 Million.
The house is short saled at 116K.  It needs updating throughout.  The bones of the house are great.  Hardwood floors, attached garage, big yard, deck, patio but like I said everything needs a facelift. 
Floors refinished, paint, carpet, kitchen needs updating.  So it probably needs about 20K just to get it back to current times.  Who knows what the yard looks like.  They apparently had dogs and dogs can trash  alot of stuff if not taken care of.  Trust me I know.  The upper deck is small and needs to be enlarged.
All in all for the price it's pretty nice.  I don't want to live in a subdivision though.  I would only buy this house to retrofit it and resell in a few years when the kids are in college.  There is only one other house for sale in the sub and it is actually the neighbors house and it's listed at 145K. 
I think I could update it and if the market comes back a bit in the next 4-5 yrs sell it for around 165K or so.
The last time it sold it went for 185K in 2006.  Granted it was peak of the market back then but the value should come back a little.  Then we would have a nice profit to put down on a smaller home out in the country where I want to be.  What the hell is 5 yrs anyways?  I haven't really seen any other houses that qualify for a future resale like this one does.  Many are in town and I don't see the value going up like I do in this one.  Now I'm no real estate expert but I know potential when I see it.  Who knows right?  I'm just trying to live the dream and stay on the right side of dirt.
Here's a couple shots of the house.  1200 sq ft upstairs and not sure about the lower level.  It also has 2 bedrooms and a full bath as well as a huge living room with French Doors out to the patio so probably pretty close to the upstairs.

As you can see it needs updating but it may be a good investment.  Just a scary market right now is all.


  1. it looks like a good price for the sqft. and money is cheap right now.

    next house i have has a mancave, fer shure...

    i am no help...

    cuz really, i never want to live in a sub again...i want to move out the city...

    or two more years-ish and i think we will head warmer...

  2. I'm sure glad I'm past the house hunting and moving part of my life as I hate to do both. Good luck with your efforts.


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