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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Season Changers and Kate's on the River

Hey There,
Welcome to Saturday.  I feel like my life has become a game of Pong.  A little white (snow covered) ball bouncing from day to day with the same amount of energy.  Needlessly rebounding between white (snow) walls.  Can you hear it? Pong, Pong, Pong, Blip (oops that was a fart) Pong, Pong.  Note there are 5 pongs there.  MTWTF.  No pong for Saturday though.  Why you ask?  Because I still have about 7 beers in the fridge!!!!!!!! Even if they do taste like crap  they still provide a buzz and an escape from reality. 
Ummm I should rephrase that.  In my long history of well...let's just call it beer.  In my long history of beer I have learned that if you drink beer to change your world then you are an alcoholic.  So I shall rephrase to say that I just want to escape from the current season.  Michigan has multiple seasons and they mostly are all Winter but there is Spring, Fall, about 1 month of Summer and Road Construction.  The road construction season often intermingles with Summer.  So my plan for the day is to head out to the wood shop and fire up the wood stove.  Once warm I will sit in a chair and ponder woodworking projects while sipping ice cold season changers.  After three or four season changers I won't care that its STILL ONLY FREAKING FEBRUARY.  No I'm just kidding its not that bad it may take 5 season changers.

On a lighter note I would like to welcome two new followers to A simple Life.
 Bruce from Just Another Day in Paradise  and
Krissy from Talkative Taurus
Check out their recent posts.  Funny stuff.  Krissy's dog did a guest post on Bruce's page.
Also Bruce's repost about drugs and the side effect, anal seepage.

Ok that's enough links for one post.  My computer is soooo slow.  Opening two tabs at once is like asking Hosni Mubarek to step down.  (I know that one sucked).

Couple neat things going on right now in The Simple Life.  One I am really excited about although probably a bit premature (story of my life).  I was talking with Kaitlin the other day about grades and college and what she would like to do once she is out of High School.  She had mentioned before something about being a vet and I thought that was cool (although I would have to sell my two wonder dogs to pay for it) and I supported her decision.  This time though she said she would like to maybe cook. (exact words)  My jaw about hit the counter.  I know she loves food but I didn't know she wanted to learn how to cook it!  One of my dreams has been to open my own dining establishment and I love to cook and eat (230 lbs currently).  So you would not believe the thoughts that went racing through my simple mind in about 2 seconds.  I can see it now.
Kate's on the River , a culinary experience unknown in this area.  No more must you choose from Applebees, Outback, Cracker Barrell, Big Boy (they do have great coffee) or any other cookie cutter resteraunts.  Were talking, from scratch, fresh,  premium food.  Made with love by people who love to cook and not just need a job.  (sorry if I offend anyone in that category).  I can send her off to culinary school and we could open our own place. Her and I both head chefs.  Baby Joe Joe could wash dishes and Momma could be the hostess.  Just kidding Joe is terrible at dishes.  You get the idea, dream big or have another season changer.  It's all the same to me but if my baby girl wants to cook then by golly somehow we'll find a way!! (can you tell I spoil her)  Last weekend she and I had a cook session and she was rolling out beautiful omelets one after another.  I figure I have 3 plus years of high school left to teach her everything I know before she heads out to school.  You never know!!!!
Another neat thing is we are heading North next weekend for a mini vacation.  I'll get to see some long lost relatives.  Well they weren't lost but you know how it goes.  So I am excited about that.  I can't divulge any more just yet.  It may still be a secret. 
So enough for now.  I may be back later. 

My porn title for this post (I list one every post) is.........Juggy-nauts 4  DD Delights.

And my picture (sent to me from my beloved daughter) is..............


  1. Bruce and Krissy will make great followers - good to see they have found you.

    Our Minnesotan seasons are very similar to yours.. we use the road construction joke here too. But this week we will finally see some change with temps getting above freezing every day this coming week. Seeing snow melt away is always one of my favorite things.


  2. Bushman! thanks for the shout out!

    and thanks SD!

    I hope to be invited to the grand opening!

    sounds like a good time with the season changers and the shop.. i so miss my mancave!


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