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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dream Kitchens and Mole Tunnels

You know I was thinking the other day.....yeah you're right who am I kidding.  No actually I was.  That was that wood smoke smell you noticed on Wednesday. 
Just about every blog has a theme or at least a pattern it follows.  Mine doesn't really have any structure.  Perhaps it's more of a journal then anything.  I sort of like being able to sit down and just type anything I want to.  No restraints or deadlines.  I don't come home from work and say damn I need to get a blog out cuz people are waiting on me.  So I guess I'll just keep it that way.  I have been thinking about starting a new blog with a different title and address.  Starting fresh maybe.  Once I move I think I will. 
I think I will title it,"Holy Cow there is Something Wrong with that Guy!"  That's what my wife tells me all the time.  Your just not right.  I hear it day in and day out.  I bet if you asked her though she wouldn't change it for anything.  I'm just different than most. 
We went out to the new house yesterday.  I wanted to check the yard and roof and get a couple measurements.  Everything looks pretty good.  Except the moles.  Tons of tunnels everywhere in the yard.  I don't think that the previous owners were outdoor people.  There are zero planting beds, the grass is full of weeds and the pruning of bushes and trees is non existent at best.  I get a clean slate to work with. 
The bank was supposed to put propane in the tank so I could test the furnace and water heater so I checked the tank while I was there.  It was reading 30%.  I think the minimum fill is 250 gallons so that would be more than 30%.  There was some in there though so I fired up the furnace and it works just fine.  I'll have to wait for them to de-winterize the plumbing before I can test the water heater and all the plumbing.  I would think it would be this week.  Here is a better picture of the fireplace
This is real stone not cultured.  It also has a blower built in and in working condition.
Of course the carpet is shot but this is the only room with bad carpet.  The others look new.  The wainscoting is nice and needs minimal repair.  One scratched spot.  The wall paper needs to go and so does that floor tile.  Their is also a big bay window to the right but it should have been a set of French doors or a sliding glass door because there is a deck right there but you have to go out the back door and all the way to the other side of the deck to reach the stairs.  I don't know what they were thinking.  I can't just simply remove the bay window and add doors because it is a build out and has a small roof covering it.  So it's a major remodeling task.  I may have to wait and rip off the build out and the roof and re-side the exterior.
I would also like to get rid of the deck and have a big paver patio with a pergola built over the top.  Garden walls that double as seating area and a little fire feature.  I'm just glad that the house is pretty much up to par.
We need a little bathroom work in the main bath.  They have two pedestal sinks and I would like a double sink vanity.  More storage is my thought.  New tile floor with heat will be nice.  The half bath might have enough room for a stand up shower or I can always put a shower room in the basement.
The biggest expense on the inside will be the kitchen.  Some walls need to be removed/cut back.
I want it to be open to the other two rooms.  New cabinets and appliances.  A nice tile or wood floor.  My big thing is a three tiered island.  It will have a cook top with down draft venting, a raised bar seating area and a lower table area.  Preferably with a nice stone counter top of sorts.  I really like the Tuscan theme.  The colors are warm and rich and just lend themselves to a kitchen environment.  Being able to see the fire crackling in the stone fireplace while your dining or having a glass of wine at the bar top will also be nice.
As far as a formal dining room?  Not sure.  We don't really use one now but we'll see.
Here is the kitchen. To the left is the "formal" living room.  To the right is the entry way to the fireplace living room.  That wall would be cut back to the cabinet.  There is a window over the sink that looks into the breezeway and ultimately the garage.  That will go bye bye and cabinets will fill the void.  With an island in the middle I can fill in the spot for the range.
Also a buffet or china cabinet on the opposing wall (dining room) will allow more storage space. 
Another option would be to combine the "formal" living room and the kitchen to create an enormous kitchen and dining room.  I think I like this idea better.  Who needs 2 living rooms anyways?
Hmmmm.  I think I need to do some more figuring. :)  Dream kitchen here I come!!!


  1. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. We had a built-in-the-50's house with a formal living room - nice room - went in there a couple of times a year. I'm a big believer in openess and all space being utilized. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

  2. moles mean grubs...grubs mean trouble...or at least that is what i have heard...

    the only time i notice my yard is when i fall down in it after an im2bbq, and a few too many daddy pops...

    my wife says there is something wrong with me too...

    i knew there was a reason i liked you!


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