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Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Million Dollars and What's for Dinner!

Hello and happy Friday to all.

Couple things on tap for today.  To start off with I will let you know ahead of time I am going to become rich very soon and will probably quit blogging.  I received a very legitimate email today and plan to act on it asap.
The email is as follows:

Dear Jeffrey,
Warm greetings to you,

I am contacting you from Libya.
Please help me take custody of my consignments boxes from diplomat Dr Brian Mawik, over there in Bush intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas, USA. It is worth $5,000,000, Five Million US dollars and 75 kg of pure gold. If you can assist in this regard, I will provide you his telephone contact immediately.(1)Full Name (2)Full Contact Address(3)Phone#(4)Occupation
Please get back quickly for more details.
Email: idris_kazim@hotmail.co.uk
Idris Kazim
From Libya

See told ya so.  If you want in on the action there is the email address.  Must be legit huh?
I could have a lot of fun with this.  I just need to use someone elses email and personal info.  Let me know if your interested.  Well at least someone trust me with millions of dollars.  Yeah yeah I know its not real.  Do you think Mr. or Mrs Kazim would just want to be friends?  That would give me 21 followers.

Speaking of followers I'd like to give a warm welcome to Oil Field Trash over at Make daddy A Sammich
I'll take followers any way I can get 'em.

On to more important things.
Tonight's beer of choice is from our neighbors to the North.  Canada.  Canada has some great beer and fortunately I live pretty close and its available.  I chose an old faithful Labatt Blue.  Although when I was in Canada they spelled it Bleu.  The Bleu variety is much better than the Blue "Americanized" version.
Budweiser sure ruined the American palate if you ask me.  Sure I drank my fair share. (Miller Lite) but it was only when I slowed down and tasted it that I changed my mind.  I used to say, " I haven't drank beer since they invented the funnel."  It was quantity not quality.  Anyways my Pops and I got hooked on Bleu when we were up in Canada on a caribou hunt.  So far North that no trees grew.  We had to bribe the bush pilot into letting us take an extra case of beer.  My goodness that was some excellent beer.  Great trip.  Montreal was beautiful.  I think the part we visited was called Old Town or something like that.  nevertheless stunning.
I really enjoy Molsons Golden as well but I have not seen that around these parts.  I will say I did have one of my Smithwicks left from last night so I drank that first and then the Blue.  Have you ever heard of an Irish Canadian?  I'm sure there is but I warn you do not mix there beers in the same setting.  A Smithwicks followed by a Blue is well......lets just say I had to much on some chips and what not to cleanse the palate otherwise my Blue was gonna be singing the blues.

It's windy today.  Flat out kicking butt.  I took down the dog kennel last weekend.  Filled in all the holes, graded, seeded and put down straw.  I did not want to leave a yucky dog pen area for the landlord to take care of. (I'm just not that way)  Now the winds are spreading the straw from hell to breakfast.

For dinner tonight I gave a few different choices.  Let me now what you would have picked.
A.  Fair Dogs.   which is Italian sausage grilled with sauteed onions and peppers.  just like the ones you get  
      at the fair.  Along with some french fries.
B.  Grilled pork tenderloin with a honey balsamic BBQ sauce served with fresh asparagus and a salad
C.  A caramelized onion panini with ham, smoked provolone and roasted tomato served with homemade
      mac and cheese with pan fried bacon bits.
D.  Penne pasta with grilled Italian sausage, basil tomato sauce and a fresh garden salad.
E.  Leftover meatball subs with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
I already know what the family picked lets see if your right.
Hey what can I say I love to cook and it makes my family happy.

Who else has an infestation of lady bugs in their house?  They drive me nuts.  I can never get rid of them.

Running outta stuff to blab about.  What's that?  Show us some more crazy pictures?

When they said Phil was a lefty I thought it meant something else.......

Pot heads!  ya gotta love em
YOU play fetch with him...I'm not!!


  1. SInce I live in Houston, I can pick up that money he/she/it is wanting to give away. lol

  2. a or c... but i am gonna go with c...

    Molson Golden is hard to find, but Canadian is ev.er.ry.where...

    time to pimp you out a bit, and get you some more followers...

    consider some pimping in a future post!

    loved this one...i hope you find some one to share in the wealth, it can't be me tho...

    i thing the governmoster is tracking me...

    gotta go.

  3. Oil-you grab the cash take it to NY and buy your space shuttle back!!

    Bruce-it turned out to be A and the kids decided to stay at dad n step moms last night so momma and I had plenty enough food to eat.


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