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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Award

Or maybe I should have titled it An Award.  The other way makes it sound like I already have one.
I received this Versatile Blogger Award fromBruce at Just Another Day in Paradise.
He has a couple great blogs I follow and I must admit I'm sort of a picky follower.  It's not that I think I'm better I just get bored really easy and I can usually tell if I'm gonna like a blog in the first two paragraphs.  I'm also really lazy on the computer.  I think my hard drive has more viruses than Charlie Sheen's old wiener.  Yeah if you didn't know it he had a wiener replacement.  I looked into it.  Way too expensive.  Just a one inch extension costs around ten grand.  Ten grand is all I have and three inches is not gonna cut it people.  OK how the hell...oh yeah my hard drive is really slow so sometimes I just get frustrated trying to look at alot of other sites.  I will try harder from now on.
So I'm pretty stoked about this award.  I'm not sure what I'm even gonna do with it.  Shit hang on the dogs chewing on it. "Remmi NO, NO DROP IT, DROP IT"
OK got it back.  Little drooly but otherwise OK.
I guess your supposed to tell 7 things about yourself when you get this.  Hope I'm not screwing up protocol.

1. I started blogging to simply keep a journal of my life.  I had never heard of blogging before.
2. I drive like a blue hair grandma.  (just never in a hurry I guess and have you seen the price of fuel?)
3. My story Jap Juice is based on a barrel of chemicals I broke open when I was a kid. (Gramps was pissd)
4. The only reason I fish is because I want to eat them.
5. I once stold a gallon jug of Tide detergent and traded it for beer. (I miss high school)
6. I went to games 1 and 2 of the World Series at Comerica Park, Detroit.  My bro and I drank alot of
    beer and in the middle of the night he wrote BALLS on my forehead and I answered the room service 
    call the next morning in my shorts with that still on my forehead.  It's funny now.
7. I miss having my Dad around to chum with.  Stupid Florida!

Well that about does it.  2 posts in one day is way too much for my lazy butt.  Thanks again everyone who reads and remember.  Keep it Simple!!


  1. still laughing...

    just keep doing what you do and i will keep coming by!

    congrats and you do deserve it!

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Good stories. I know what you mean about rambling blogs as well. I have a quick look at blogs to see how long they are and read the first couple of paragraphs before committing myself.


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