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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Some New Links!

Good Morning and Happy Easter!
All is quiet around here this morning.  After a wonderful dinner and a great visit with old friends last night Momma and I climbed into bed heavily burdened with too much food and wine and snored the night away.  Even the dogs slept in until 7 am this morning.  I awoke fresh and invigorated ah...who am I kidding.  I woke up with a sore back, plugged nose and still full from dinner.  Yep, I ate that much!  It was fun and a good time was had by all.  In case your wondering; an avocado puree is simply avocados, mayo, olive oil, green onions, cilantro, salt and pepper blended to a puree.  I then pour it into a squirt bottle and dress the dish with it.  It's great on fish or for the "salsa" on fish tacos.  The bright green color really accents the plate nicley.
A big hello and welcome to a few new followers:
A Beer for the Shower very funny site and comes with it's own cartoons.  Ya gotta see it! also
Heather at Sugar Free Thoughts make sure you visit her and bring your own sugar!
Also KW over at Semi-Coherent Thoughts  a fellow Tigers fan!
I have a couple new things on the blog roll this morning. 

First off the Studio 30 badge to the right.  A place for people 30 and over to hang out and share their thoughts and ideas.  There is some pretty neat stuff over there to check out not to mention a ton of blog material to read and sift through.  I finally decided to post something over there in the "hardest post to write" feature.  Wander over there and check it out.  If you're over 30 sign up would ya? 

I also had to remove my favorite posts link because all the links were now obsolete with the changing of A Simple Life.  Not to worry all the other links still work.  I also decided I would pick a favorite post of mine every week and display it up top.  Lets face it many blogs are just too long with hundreds of posts and no one really sits there and reads a person whole blog so I will offer up tidbits from the past to share.  That way you can click once a week and perhaps it will you give you a better insight into my crazy logic.

Inlaws for Easter dinner today.  Not much else happening.  Hope you have a great Sunday and I'll see ya real soon!


  1. too bad the easter bunny is dead...

    congrats on some new followers!

    happy day to you and yours!

  2. That Easter Picture is a scream! No more hopping down the bunny trail for that one. I saw a dead possum in the road in front of my house early this morning. Maybe he was a stand-in for Peter Cottontail?

  3. Too bad about the candy - were you able to rescue those, at least!

    I've hooked myself up as a Follower - 26 always did look good on me!

    Thanks for dropping by my neck of the woods - Bruce always sends over the best of the best!

    Cheers, Jenny


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