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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You shut your mouth when your talking to me!

Did you ever feel like just quitting!  Just sit right down on the floor or the ground or in the middle of Walmart and say I'm done.  I'm not moving another inch until I get some answers, recognition, respect, or maybe a cold beer.  (Yeah the beer thing could work.)  Well I'm done!  Not really I'll get up eventually I always do but man oh man is my patience ever being tested. 
Supposed to close on the house in one week from today.  Every Monday I inquire about updates on the house and the last e-mail sent I was inquiring on the whyfors and withertos of the raised mound septic system because if I showed up at the house and there was this giant mound of dirt smack dab in the middle of the back yard I was probably gonna back out of the deal.  It seems to me that if it's going to be my house I should have some say as to where this look a like Indian burial mound is going to be located. 
It went something like this.  "Well we received the permit from the county and now we have to mail it back to them so they can have an engineer design the new septic system then you can review it. "
That was it.  Nothing after like, then we'll set a date or it will be a week after that or  go hump your thumb.
So I let it go.  I'm pretty passive for the most part.  Then Monday rolls around again.  I send my e-mail off around 8am.  I receive a response from my realtor that says she will call the selling bank/agent.
I anxiously anticipate a response.  Checking my e-mails every 2 minutes all day.  Nothing.  So Tuesday rolls around and I send another e-mail that says hey I never heard back from you yesterday.  I think we deserve the courtesy of a response.  Perhaps if you tell them i want to drop the price of the house $2500 for every week they postpone the closing may light a fire under someones' butt.  Response....yes you are right I will call.  Then........................................Nothing!
Now I know I'm stuck between a rock and a ....bigger rock and where do I draw the line at just blowing my top and making everything worse?  When it's all said and done I am the one paying these people so essentially they work for me now.  Correct?  What the heck ever happened to good business in this country.  No one seems to really give a crap anymore.  Very disturbing.  So unless you have a cold beer I'm done.
And in the words of crazy shop talk....."You Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking To Me"!


  1. Oh I would be pissed off to levels never before seen by mankind.

  2. it is always hurry up and wait..is this FHA?

    cuz that is a mammoth clusterfuck


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