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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

Damn you people are hard on a guy!  Want, want, want!

Hey where ya been?
I've been looking for your blog.
I see you haven't blogged in awhile everything ok?
You must be working a lot of OT cause you haven't been blogging?
What's new with you? Normally I keep track of you on your blog
Is your computer broken?
How come you haven't been blogging?

These are some of the responses I get when I haven't blogged in awhile.
Here it is in plain English for all you twits out there.
When I don't get comments on my blog I shut down because to me that means no one is reading it.  I'm not gonna write if no one will read it.  Where is the sense in that bullshit?  Oh it makes me feel good?  WTF
My last post was my 300th post.  An anniversary of sorts that I even hinted about in prior posts.  Only one comment and that was from dear Bruce.
Is 300 a monumental milestone?  Not really when you figure I've been blogging for about 3 years now but c'mon.
I know maybe if I wrote something worth reading then you would read it  but hey here is big ice cream cone full of shut up and go fuck yourself!

So enough bullshit lets get down to the nitty gritty, itty bitty leprechaun titty.
It's Thursday!  Drink or get out of the way!
Tonight's festivities are being honored by the Spring sampler pack of the Leinenkugels brewery.  This ensemble includes the noteworthy Honeyweiss, the noble Red Lager, the smooth Classic Amber and way down on the brewery's hit list is the heavenly 1888 Bock.  The beer I have raved about for some time now.  The roasted and toasted Barley malts, the thick creamy head and the beautiful brown colors.
I'm only after the 1888 but I must partake of the quartet in order to do so.  Damn marketing at it's finest right there.  Please do me a favor and send them an email.  Tell them you want to see more 1888 Bock not fireside nut brown. (which sells so bad that they have it marked down at the store for half price)  Tell 'em Bushman sent ya!
What good is Thursday without a top ten?  Depends on the beer I guess.
Here it is regardless.
Bushman's top ten of the week good or bad you decide!
#1 We got a bonus at work!  (for once they changed the ED to a US)
#2 I have already spent my bonus (stocking up on 1888, for every 12 pack I get 3)
#3 Not really I spent it on paint for the house (after 8 months we finally agreed on a paint scheme)
#4 Painted the living room and dining room so far            (almost).
#5  The only good thing about painting is...........(well, nothing actually, it eats donkey wiener)
#6 Giant snowstorm tonight      (anywhere from 3 to 16 inches, sound like something a hooker would say)
#7 American Idol is back on TV   (I still say the teenage girls decide the outcome)
#8 I've been teaching my cat to venture outside (I will win the chipmunk war)
#9 I have not cut any wood in 5 days  (It's a 12 step program)
#10 My wife has been working out faithfully at the gym for awhile now  (the results are starting to show (insert whistle here)

There you have it, quit your bitchin' I will see you when I see you and if you really want to know how I'm doing?  Pick up the damn phone freaks!

Beer run!


  1. Well I have been a bit awol so I am sorry I missed your 300th Post. Quite an achievement. Congrats.

    “Lizard Happy”

  2. Dude, Leinie Red is freaking delicious. Also, so is Moose Drool. Though it's damn hard to come by here in CO. Sorry to have missed the milestone, senor, but congratulations nonetheless on post #300. Cheers!


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