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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Evening Salutations and Cancer in California!

Another Sunday evening has arrived and with it the onset of the 'soon to be at work woes'!
I had a pretty good weekend.  Didn't do much.  Didn't cut any wood to speak of.  A couple practice runs with an old saw I dug out of the shed.
My new project saw arrived on the UPS truck Friday.  I spent most of my time this weekend tinkering with that.
Looks as though it was probably straight gassed or leaned out so bad that the heat caused the piston to fail and little chunks of piston were everywhere.  This is not what a piston is supposed to look like.
I completely disassembled the entire saw right down to the last screw and cleaned it.
It was pretty dirty.
After diagnosing the problem I made out a parts list and began the restoration.  I wanted it to look like new when complete so I have been cleaning, buffing, sanding and painting all the body pieces this weekend.  Not finished but here are a few shots.
This is the flywheel side and the cleanest side on the whole saw.
Bench shot
Inside the cylinder
outside the cylinder
Some before shots

Some after shots

As promised my yard people.

I spent some time cleaning up my work area in the garage on Saturday.  Fixed the air compressor (had a dry rotted pressure gauge line) so I cleaned up my other saw while I had the compressor running.  Made for a good photo opportunity.  All work and no beer make me.....irritable?

One more thing.  They put a warning label on chainsaws in California now.  Looks something like this;

Take care and see you in four days,

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