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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today's Post is brought to you by the Letter K

The worst part about the letter K is all I can see in my minds eye (small as it be ) are all the words that technically begin with a C but some wise ass decided to throw a K at it instead.  Ice cream joints are notoriously bad for this.  Does it help sell more ice cream if we eat it out of a kone instead of a cone?  Or that pesky donut joint.  Krispy Kreme.  So now when I think of a letter K it always should be a C.  So I've decided I'll post about  my first Kar.  (Shut up spell check)  It was a 1989 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition.  It was a sweet ride for a high schooler let me tell you.  I had it all through high school and ended of selling it for my first work truck which was a 1995 Ford F250 with a snowplow attached but not before I ended up shooting a hole in the side of it.  Oh I haven't told you that story?  Well be patient it's a long month.  Fine, I'll throw a K at you just to make things legal.  Don't want to get Kicked off the challenge you Know.  Good enough?
Julie Taylor, 9th grade, in the hallway of the junior high school, halfway between the gym and the cafeteria.
I guess they are right you never forget your first kiss!  24 years ago and I still remember it like yesterday.
So Julie wherever you are thanks for the memory and go buy yourself and ice kreme kone in memory of the......KISS


  1. I hate when I think I have a word and realize "crap its a g not a j" First kisses are ones to remember.

  2. So, I shouldn't mention that I went to Klown Kollege, then?

  3. Was really hoping to see Julie Taylor's name among the commenters. Wouldn't that be awesome?
    I see why you loved your Jeep. I love mine, too.

  4. I can't stand it when something is spelled wrong for the sake of being cute ... Kwik Fil gas station came to mind as I was reading!

    And I totally love my hubby's jeep too!

    Happy A-Zing!



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