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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's Post is brought to you by the Letter P

Some of my favorite words begin with P.
I won't go into details bu there is peer and peanuts, prunting, prishing, pramping and my all time favorite.......oh that's right I said I wouldn't go into details.

Which brings me to the story of.......wait a minute....have I told you the story of the free puppies?  No? This is one of my older brother's favorites.  Hang on and grab the waste basket.
A long, long, time ago in a galaxy small rural county there was three boys who were on their way to a birthday party in a neighboring community.  This party was for a girl who happened to be the daughter of these three boys boss, so attendance was mandatory even though said girl was enough years younger to absolve the three boys of any interest.
The party was lame (as if)  and soon the boys became restless.  (if you hadn't gathered by now this usually means trouble)  After a weak congratulations and best birthday wishes were granted the three boys sprinted out the door headed for their car.  It was decided that they should take the back roads home in an attempt to kill time before the "real" stuff of the evening began.  It was this decision that led the boys to the free puppies.

It was a dirt road they were driving on, of which we had many, when the headlights just glanced over a sign that read "FREE PUPPIES".  Thinking nothing of it (common occurrence) the boys continued on.  That is until about a half mile later when they came across an entire family of Possums that had been killed in the road.
I believe it was my brother who screamed,"STOP THE CAR".
I slammed on the brakes and gave him an inquisitive look.  His eyes twinkled and he explained his plan.

Within minutes the car was turned around and our plan was in action.  We returned to the house with the free puppies and promptly stole their sign.  Returning to the scene of the possum carnage we exited the car and began gathering rocks from the side of the road and once we had enough, propped the "Free Puppies" sign up in the middle of the road among the dead and smashed possums.  This is the story of.......................
Possum Puppies.


  1. OH! MY! GAWD! No you di'ent!

  2. Yet another example of something I wish I had thought of.
    Sick, twisted, dark? Yes.
    Comic genius? Absolutely.


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