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Friday, April 20, 2012

Today's Post is brought to you by the Letter R

This post is biased.  Read at your own risk.  If it falls in your lap and burns you then you are stupid.

I have a dog who is in the top two dogs on the earth.  (In case your wondering I own the other one as well.)

He found me shortly after the loss of Isabella and has since then stole my heart and become my spoiled rotten youngest child.  Here he is when I first saw him.
and he here is taking a nap.

Here he is taking another nap with his papa.

Here he is on his first birthday
Here he is begging for a ride in the tractor cart
Another adorable puppy pic
His first goose retrieve.  ( I was so proud)

He has been a great dog friend.  I love this little creature like you wouldn't believe.  So this post is all about..............
Don't worry, I got your back little buddy!


  1. We are a lot alike in the way that we believe (with all our heart) that our four-legged friends are kids not animals. I hear ya!

  2. Dogs are the best friends anyone can have. What a very cute dog. They both are. I want one just like him!

  3. I love my four legged grandboys, they are truely your best buddies as the pics show.

  4. Doggone it, that's one cute puppy.


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