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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

I logged into my computer terminal at work, I was 5 minutes late.  "Damn it", I muttered.  I'm not the kind of guy who is late.  I only had one saving grace and that was it was the END of the day.  Whew!
I was in discussing the details of tomorrows overtime work with the boss and lost track of time.

I stepped out the door trying to dodge as many rain drops as possible.  Heartburn surged from my chest to my throat and I grimaced.  Wont be drinking any Thirsty Thursday beer tonight I thought.  Mother is away at district soccer championships and won't be home till late.  It's just me and the dogs.....and the cat......and the bird.  What?  I didn't tell you we have a bird?  We acquired one from the brother in law last week.  I guess it wasn't enough to send me home drenched in all his poison ivy he needed to send the bird as well!  
No really he/she/it is quite neat and we both agreed it would make a wonderful addition to our growing zoo. 
Besides if we don't like it after awhile I hear Cockatiel taste just like chicken and I do have a new grill.

So anyways I hop in the truck and check the cubby in the dashboard that holds my magical elixirs.  Bingo I found it.....Zantac!  Maybe I will be drinking beer tonight.  I head home.  Drenched in antifreeze and a splash of diesel fuel aftershave I hit the shower soon as I got home.  Throw on my comfy sweats and grab a beer.

I think maybe it would be a good time to start doing the thirsty Thursday top ten again.  So tonight marks the first one in many months.  Just wish I had a laptop so I could do it from my hammock instead of having to be in the house.  Oh well.  So without further ado I give you;
Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten.
For all you new followers that probably are not visiting since the A to Z challenge I list the beer of the day and the top ten things that happened in the last 7 days.  Good or bad you decide.  Ready Go!

Today's beer hails form the state of Wisconsin and the city of Chippewa Falls.  My rock, my steady.  Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.  Beer with natural lemonade flavor.  It stands alone when it comes to citrus beers.  I love it on a hot summer day.  Refreshing!

Top Ten
#1    I finally finished my boulder wall........now I can start another new project

#2    Acquired a wicked case of poison ivy..............nurse got to see my butt!

#3   Helped 2 people with their homeowner projects......2 good deeds for the month

#4   Caught another raccoon in the trap..............had to use the gun on this one.

#5    Garden is growing like a weed......oh wait a minute...that is a weed, damn, more work!

#6    Overtime tomorrow.....................need money for kegger

#7    Momma leaves for 5 day ocean cruise a week from today..........see above kegger...toga, toga, toga

#8    My new grill is awesome.................5 burners and they all work plus bonus feature, coons can't get the doors open to get to the grease trap.

#9    I'm thinking about joining the Deadliest Catch crew next season....... OK I'm done thinking about it!

#10  Life is pretty good........my thanks!

I'll see you all again this weekend and catch up on your blogs,


  1. New month starts tomorrow...so you need to help more friends with home improvement projects! Add me to the top of your list and i will give you my list!

    Clean Barn

  2. Thank goodness you have a cockatiel.
    You could never turn your back on an eagle.
    I hear house-training an ostrich is a real bitch.
    And an owl would freak me the hell out.
    Still...it DOES have the word 'cock' in it.
    So, that must be fun to say.

  3. This is my first time stopping back since the A-Z chanllege... I like the theme and love Summer Shandy! I hope you enjoyed your Thirsty Thursday.

  4. I wish I liked beer cause it's cheap. However, I'm a liquor type of girl.

    Love the top ten list. can I go on this cruise with mother?!


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