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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Deer Camp Snow

In an effort to contain his excitement he closed his eyes and concentrated only on his breathing.  Breathe in.....breathe out.  He did this several times until he was able to open his eyes without smiling so big it hurt the corners of his mouth. 
The snow had swept in during the night blanketing everything in 12 inches of pure white brilliance.  The boughs of every tree hung low under the strain of such weight.
Everywhere the flashlight beam touched resonated the same white beauty.
The two track to the lake was nothing more than a tunnel of white with green specks sticking through.

He ran back in the camper.  "Dad, you ought to see it, it's amazing.  There must be at least a foot".
His words were jumbled and mumbled as his excitement came to the forefront, negating even the slightest possibility of a coherent sentence.
"Do you think we can get to the lake?  Do you think we'll get stuck?  Oh my this is going to be the sweetest thing ever," he spat it out in one long sentence only stopping to breathe and eye his father solemnly as he stood in front of the stove making the morning coffee.
He admired his father.  He always knew what to do and how to do it.  If there was a deer hiding somewhere, he knew.  If something had to be fixed, he fixed it.  Standing there in the glow of the Coleman lantern, wearing a 2 piece long john set, a 3 day beard stubble gracing his face he looked at his son, gave him a nod and said,  "today will be a great day" and  it was.

I was tinkering around today after work getting a few things together for deer camp.  The weather is cold.  It snowed the other day.  Just a few flakes but it always reminds me of the time at deer camp when we got hammered with snow.  What an adventure it was.  Maybe someday it will be in a book I write.  One of my fondest memories.  I thought  would share just a little of it.  Most of it is mine but I will give you this one piece.

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  1. Hi Bushman,

    I feel like I'm reading your book already...I love this style, third person to start, then diving into the present.

    I feel myself crunching in the snow, heading to the lake - I have a few of those memories myself...thanks for stirring them up.

    Sounds like you have one awesome dad - do you still go hunting with him?

    Have a great week, Jenny


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