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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I miss blogger already!

Ok maybe I'm not done quite yet.  Wordpress is not........well......Me.
I'll figure it out eventually.

That is a picture of a bullet I found in the middle of one of my logs I cut!

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  1. YEAH!!!!!! I'm so glad you didn't leave...if there's anything I can do to help with you and your blogger issues email me...you've got my email, and I'll help...just DON'T GO....... (can you hear me having a giggle along side my total relief that you are still HERE)

    Blogger does have issues...but so does every other blogging site. Trust me I hear the complaints about them all from my lovely offspring - she's done the gamut, the whole enchilada!

    Now...focus, Jeff, and make a stab at figuring out what the problem is...fix it and get back to writing - that's an order (kinda') from bossy me! :P

    Hope life is good otherwise and not to wintery!! (although this background photo is quite something)

    Cheers, Jenny


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