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Saturday, February 2, 2013

High on a Mountain

We departed early Thursday morning.  Headed north to Caberfae ski resort located just outside Cadillac, Mi.  It snowed the entire time.  The drive was exhausting, one lane most of the way and white out conditions.  Perfect for skiing, bad for driving.  We made it up there around noon, checked into the lodge and grabbed our equipment and hit the slopes.
What a great place.  With all the fresh snow you would swear you were tucked away in some little alpine village in the middle of Switzerland.  We skied all day and grabbed a pizza and a beer around 9 pm and hit the sack.  We were pretty tuckered out!
The next day we were on the slopes as soon as they opened and skied for about 4 hours and packed up and headed home.  I took a more inland route home to stay away from all the lake effect snow this time!

View from the top of the highest hill
Momma and I atop the black diamond.  Kids were not allowed on this one!  Not experienced enough

Left to right
Joe, Kaitlin and me

Pizza and a beer in the pub which overlooks the slopes

Early Friday morning, fresh snow clinging to everything!

It was cold with temps hovering around 10 degrees but we still had a blast!

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  1. I tried to learn to ski in my late 40s. Even though it looks like a LOT of fun, I never really got the hang of it. Then, after an especially frightful fall a few years ago, I picked myself up, took the remaining ski off my foot (the other one kept sliding down the slope), and trudged down the rest of the hill along the tree line. While my pride wasn't intact, my legs and back were. Plus, I had a few drinks in the ski lodge.
    Which was more my style, anyway.


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