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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for ooooooohhhhhh that smell

Got ya thinking now don't I?

Today's letter is D.

The first thing I think of when the letter D comes to mind is Dumb ass or Doh!
The latter phrase coming form the most admirable and genuinely honest person on the planet (or Springfield) Homer Simpson.

So I've been thinking all day.  What can I post about the letter D.  I can't think of any vegetables that begin with D off the top of my head and besides if I just keep posting vegetable letters than this blog will probably plummet off the charts from it's current standing of "barely readable" to my favorite, "Jeez I think he's drunk again".

Speaking of drunk I have to go grab another beer!  BRB  (commence sound of feet pattering out to the garage and back.  Now a top popping and now thirsty gurgling and gulping of said, delicious beer)

I know, I know it's only Wednesday however this is a prepared, strategic plan. 
It's spring break duh!  (D-word in case you didn't notice)

No, not for me.  Wicked, bad, fat people do not get breaks, well not in this lifetime anyways. 

Back to spring break.  I don't want to go off on a rant about breaks and social security and working my bones to smithereens ( hey I wonder if that's where Smithers got his name from?) and never catching the right wave and turning left three times and......oops sorry!

Spring Break for my daughter.  She wants to have some friends over for a bonfire.  Of course at first I was thinking no way!  On a work night?  Then I thought back to my 16 year old life and how disappointed I would've been if my parents had so no to my bon-fire. (I'm sure they did, they weren't stupid.  At 16 I was drinking, smoking and having 'never mind' with girls!)
So I consented. (WTF?)
She is not like 16 year old me.  I trust her.  However I don't trust the boys that are supposedly coming over.  The thought makes me cringe when I think of what I was doing at 16. 
Those boys?....probably like 16 me!
( No you perverts!  That is not what ooohhh that smell is about!)
So back and forth to the garage I have gone now 3 times.  There was exactly three beers in the fridge and now there are none.  I will hide the moonshine before they get here.  I can't drink all that or I won't make it to work for a week!  Now that the beer is safe from marauding horny teenage boys I can rest easy!  Buuuuuurpp!
D........is actually for DIRT.  Today anyways.
All day I was thinking about D.  When I got home the sun was shining and I walked out to the garden and thought......hey how about dirt!
So I cleaned up 3 wheelbarrows of old vegetable plants and cornstalks that I had pulled from the soil last year and piled up to decompose a little.  Then I got the tractor out of hibernation and plowed the garden up.
It's actually a spring drag but who's counting?

Archer lost his hat over the winter but he still smiles like he was new!

That's me!  I'm just holding my ears....or possibly secret nuclear powered radar binoculars????

I plowed it, dragged it, raked it and when I was finished picked up two big handfuls of fresh plowed dirt and inhaled real deep.

Oooohhh that smell!




  1. Pretty good! 16 year olds these days... sheesh! Cringe is right.
    Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

    1. I have to trust her until she proves otherwise. She's a good kid. I'm jealous!

  2. I would have said no... I'm such a meanie.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

    1. Of course you would have. Perfectly understandable there could have been zombies out there!

  3. Oh, yes. The smell of springtime is a freshly plowed plot. Fun post!
    Happy D day! tm

    1. I had to go out today and rake it up some more cuz the smell went away! they should make it an air freshener

  4. I was thinking Dung...as in cow poop for fertilizer...but your story sure had some twists...great fun!
    You done good with trusting your daughter...as for the boys...you done good by drinking the beer and stashing the rest! :) :)


    1. Dung. Isn't he that guy in North Korea?

    2. Oh Al! Look at us...invading Bushman's backyard...with all our chitter and chatter...and a little dung guy mixed in the topsoil! :P

      See...I'm meaning for this to be the hangout come summer...even if it's vicarious, I'm so coming to the BBQ's at this joint. You, me, Ruthie...could be mighty fine times! :)

  5. Oooohhhhhhhhh that smell.
    I had asparagus for dinner tonight.
    YOU know the type of smell I'm talking about.

  6. Mouse y dung? They pronounce shit all wierd over there!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Lynn! I'm still just a Da for now. Haven't earned my last D yet!

  8. Great post! Made me smile...I have a teenage daughter too, and I recall 16 year old me! Scary...

    1. Luckily for me I still feel young enough to relate. At 38 years old 16 just doesn't feel that far away, (for now)
      Thanks for stopping by!


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