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Monday, May 20, 2013

Something New

Well I thought I would try something a little different now that I am up to date with technology.....well at least the option is there anyways.  We'll see how well it goes.  Just a quick glimpse into Bushman Land.  A storm was moving in and cut me short.  The first video was two minutes long....or should have been if I would push the right button.  I just walked around talking to my phone for a few minutes.  Luckily no one can see me.  Enjoy and if you do leave a comment let me know if the video opens and plays ok or if you have troubles so I can fix it.


  1. Your video works well, I got to see my grandsons live.only thing u need to do is move a little slower and let the phone focus better. Loved it, look forward to seeing more of the garden as it grows. Pops

  2. Pretty cool video. It's great to gain a new insight into your place. Plus, I'm glad to know that it's "BushMUN" instead of "BushMAN."

  3. Oh yeah, and imagine if it was your neighbor peeing on your shed instead of your dog.

  4. tUcKeR likes to pee on my boat.

    looks awesome! it worked well. love the shady spot.

    if you decide to do vinyl rail system over treated posts spend the extra and use the Trex transcend system. you will not be sorry.

    good job on the vlog!

  5. I'll echo the boys and say "worked well" here too!

    What a treat to get a personal tour from under the deck - now if the rain would stop there's no telling what you will be taping and showing us - can't wait!

    I've been off-blog for a while - busy with renovation prep - starts in earnest mid June - I could use a few guys like you and Bruce with your skill sets - my brother, a builder/contractor, will be doing my work with me as his flunky! (I know I won't disappoint - flunky I can do well!)

    Cheers, Jenny I'm tickled to see you enjoying your iPhone. (I have an iPhone too - great little cameras too)

  6. video works great! I have never seen an oakleaf hydrangea. They are one of my favorite flowers...along with about 100 others. :)


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