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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Garden Movie!

OK, OK...I know I promised you videos and have failed to follow through.
However to my credit I do have an excuse.  The secret service showed up at my house and apparently someone has hacked into my computer and has been making death threats on the President.  You talk about one freaked out dude.

They didn't just knock on the door either.  I'm talking a full scale assault like that shit you see on TV.  Except there was no guy crashing through my front window on a rope.  Thank goodness.  I don't have the money to replace that window!  They had their guns drawn and everything.  You talk about scared shitless!

Luckily for me they were able to open my computers hard drive and see that it wasn't actually me making the threats but some hacker that found a way to tie into the ATTN U-verse Internet we have.  What made me a target is next door to my house is a vacant lot that is owned by ATT.  They have a little telecommunications hut on that property.  Apparently some nerd was able to pry open the doors to the hut and put in some sort of wireless USB port or something like that.  It allowed him to access every one's ATT Internet account for like 25 sq miles.  Of course because I was the closest one and had the best signal he/she used my account.

ATT was called out and they were able to isolate the signal and tracked it right back to the little building where they discovered the little remote thingamajig the person had installed.  I curse technology sometimes but in this instance it saved my ass.  They still haven't been able to locate the person and in a search of all the other ATT properties discovered 3 more of these bug things.

So that is why I haven't been able to post any videos.  The secret service actually bought me a new laptop because they wanted to use mine for signal identification.  Mine has the footprint signal of the hackers computer and they think they can trace it that way and eventually find the bastard.

Sounds unbelievable I know but seriously that's not it at all.  LOL  The real reason is because my computer is using Windows Dinosaur as its main program and I can't download videos using the scanner wizard.  It took me awhile to figure it out but now I think I have it.  No secret service.  Sorry folks Park's closed!

Don't pay any attention to the three minute video comment either.  I should be able to copy longer videos in the future.  So here is my attempt at videography in the garden.  I hoped you like my story too

Bushman's Garden

Well it turns out that blogger doesn't want to download my videos anymore.  Or I'm just computer stupid.  Probably the second one.  I'm tired of messing around so I just created a YouTube video and linked it.  It's easier and they have a good editing feature that I can use once I become familiar with it.


  1. Oh my god... I would crap my pants if the secret service showed up at my house... Literally. No, really. They'd have to tell me to change my clothes.



    1. If you crapped your pants, maybe you could get it delivered to somebody...?
      Always thinking on how to make an extra buck.
      Or Bushman could use it in his garden.
      For a couple bucks.

  2. You sure had me going for a minute--although I really did doubt for the first paragraph. Kept waiting for you to say-Gotcha! :D

    LOVELY garden. I am so jealous. Your garden is bigger than my whole yard front and back. We have trees and fences that create shade so I don't have much space for growing things. I have peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and onions planted. Getting ready to try some potatoes. We have a pretty long growing season as long as the heat doesn't kill things off.


  3. Wow, at first I thought you were blowing smoke, then I started to think you were on the level with the Secret Service thing, then I figured no way. Then, my head hurt. Then, I broke into that case of Yuengling downstairs. My head no longer hurts. But, it probably will in the morning.


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